Albany, NY – WRGB

2017 NY Associated Press Awards

2nd Place
  • Continuing Coverage” “PFOA Water Crisis” – News Team
  • Newscast: “Deadly Boat Crash” – Joseph Bianchino
3rd Place
  • Best Reporter, Anchor: Greg Floyd

2017 Regional Emmy Awards

  • Talent Reporter Political: “Greg Floyd, February 24, 2016” – Greg Floyd


WRGB Anchor Inductee
  • Liz Bishop, News Anchor


1st Place


1st Place
  • Outstanding Locally Originated Newscast: “Convict Captured”


1st Place
  • Best Newscast: “The Arrest of Former NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver”


1st Place
  • Best Newscast: “The Arrest of Former NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver”
Special Mention
  • Spot News Coverage – “High Speed Shootout”
  • Continuing Coverage – “Prison Break”

Ashville, NC – WLOS/WMYA

2017 National Press Photographers Assoc. Awards

  • Medium Market Station of the Year: Photography Staff
  • American College of Emergency Physicians
  • 1st Place

American College of Emergency Physicians Award

Journalism of Excellence
  • Reporter – “Mission Wait Times” – Kimberly King

2017 RTDNA Awards

1st Place
  • Feature Reporting: “Lungs for Life” – Aaron Adelson, John Kirtley
  • News Series: “Emergency: Waiting Insdies Missions’s ER” – Kimberly King

2017 NATAS Southeast Awards

Silver Circle
  • Career Achievement: Darcel Grimes
1st Place
  • Photography: Mathew Yates
  • Feature News Report – Serious Feature/Series: “Goodbye Charlie” – Larry Blunt, Adam Jukkola
  • General Assignment Report – Within 24 Hours: “Her Life Depends On It” – John Le, Kenneth Corn
  • Health/Science – News Series: Reporter/Photographer – “STAT: Long Waits Inside Mission’s ER” – Kimberly King, Andy Coates
  • Sports – News Single Story, Photography: “County Clash” – Matthew Yates, John Kirtley, Bill Evans, Adam Jukkola

Austin, TX – KEYE

2016 Emmy Awards

  • Newscast, Morning/Daytime:  “Morning News at 6am” – Excelsha Thomas – Producer
  • Anchor – Sports: “What Ballou Me Away” – Bob Ballou
  • New for Education – Schools – News Single Story/Series/Feature: “The Stuff of Dreams” – Sarah Navoy – Reporter, Brian Bell – Photographer/Editor, Sophia Wurz – Investigative Producer

2016 Texas Associated Press Awards

1st Place
  • Feature Editing:  General News:  Brian Bell & Adam Racusin.  Home Hacking
2nd Place
  • Morning Newscast:  Katie Kreider. KEYE Morning News. Aired 5 a.m. on Sept. 29, 2015
  • Digital:  Jerrod Kingery & Phillip Pavelka.
  • Sports Anchor:  Adam Winkler
  • Sports Special:   Bob Ballou, Adam Winkler & Anthony Geronimo. Sports Sunday
  • Deadline Editing:  Adam Racusin & Brian Bell.  Identity Dumped
  • Feature (Serious):  Walt Maciborski & Kevin Riley. Kindness Matters
Honorable Mention
  • General Assignment:   Bob Ballou & Anthony Geronimo. A Stressful Surprise
  • Sports Anchor:  Bob Ballou
  • Weathercast:   Chikage Windler. Drought Worsens. Aired 6 p.m. on Sept. 29, 2015

2015 Emmy Awards

Lone Star Chapter, Newscast:  Morning/Daytime (Medium Markets) – “KEYE TV Morning News at 6am”
  • Excelsha Thomas, Producer
Lone Star Chapter, Weathercast: News Weathercast – “The Morning After:  Historic Floodingon the Blanco River”
  •  Chikage Windler, Meteorologist
Lone Star Chapter, On Camera Talent/Anchor/Sports: “Up and Adam: Winkler’s Way with Sports”
  • Adam Winkler, Sports Anchor

2015 National Association of Hispanic Journalists Awards

Hard News:  “Laser Strikes”
  • Nadia Galindo, reporter

2015 Regional Edward R. Murrow Award

Reporting: Hard News/ Large Market
  • “A Silent Killer”

2015 Texas AP Awards

2nd Place
  • Best Newscast

Bakersfield, CA – KBAK/KBFX

2015 EMMY Awards

News Special
  • “Fate of the State: California’s Drought Crisis”
On-Camera Talent
  • Kurt Rivera
News Promo
  • ” Waking You Up Right” – Tracy Peoples, Jeremy Rowell
News Environment
  • “This is the Drought” – Jonathan Gonzales, Johnny Guillen
News – Health/Science
  • “Brayden’s Brave Heart” – Josh Helmuth

2015 Golden Mike Awards

Best Newscast
  • Eyewitness News at 5
Best Documentary
Best News Special
Best Individual Writing 
Best Sports Reporting 
Best Government and Political Reporting

2015 Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards

Hard News Reporting
  • “This is the Drought”
Feature Reporting
  • “Brayden’s Brave Heart”

2014 Edward R. Murrow Award

Sports Reporting category

Baltimore, MD – WBFF

2016 National Press Photographers Association Awards

National Honors
  • National Station of the Year Runner-Up
  • National Photographer of the Year Runner-Up: Jed Gamber
1st Place
  • Photo Essay: “The Last Week in April” – Jed Gamber
3rd Place
  • Photography: Spot News: Jed Gamber, “Mondawmin Monday”
Judges Choice Award 
  • “The Last Week in April” – Luke Rollins, Ben Worsley, Bryan Barr, Brian Johnson, Ruth Morton, Patrick Boquard, Rob Parks, Allen Cork, Josh Miller, and Jed Gamber
Honorable Mention
  • General News:  “The Names Make it Real” – Jed Gamber
  • News Feature: “Abu, The Flute Maker” – Brian Johnson
  • Sports Feature: “Could Be All Our Last Game” – Brian Johnson
  • Editing General News: “Baltimore’s 200th Homicide” – Jed Gamber 

2016 Regional Press Photographers Association Awards

Top Region
  • Station of the Year (4th time in last 5 years)
  • Photographer of the Year, Jed Gamber
  • Photographer of the Year Runner-Up, Ben Worsle

2016 Chesapeake AP Broadcasters Association Awards

Outstanding News Operation: 1st Place
  • “Fox45 News” – WBFF Staff
Outstanding Newscast: 1st Place 
  • “Fox45 News at Ten – July 8, 2015” — Christopher Berinato
Outstanding Spot News Reporting: 1st Place
Outstanding Spot News Reporting
Outstanding Enterprise Reporting: 1st Place
  •   “Do You Hear What I Hear?”— Jeff Abell, Brian Johnson
Outstanding Sports Feature: 1st Place
  • “Senior Softball” — Kathleen Cairns, Brian Johnson
Outstanding Feature or Human Interest Story: 1st Place
  • “Abu the Flutemaker” —  Paul Gessler, Brian Johnson
Best Meteorologist or Weathercaster : 1st Place
  • “Analyzing Hurricane Joaquin & Its Effects on Baltimore ” —  Jonathan Myers
Video Journalist/One Man Band Reporter : 1st Place
  • “Paul Gessler Composite” — Paul Gessler
Best Reporter: 1st Place
  • Kathleen Cairns
Outstanding Year-Round Local Sports: 1st Place
  •   “FOX45 SPORTS” — Bruce Cunnigham, Paul Strzegowski, Morgan Adsit, Jed Gamber

2015 Emmy Awards

Reporter/MMJ/Reporting Composite
  • Paul Gessler
Writer / Photographer / Editor / Arts / Entertainment, News Feature
  • “It was 50 years ago today” —  Jeff Barnd, Reporter
Feature News Report, Serious Feature
  • “Jason’s Story” —  Jeff Abell, Reporter,  Bryan Barr, Photographer
General Assignment Report within 24 Hours
  • “Cell Phone Lawsuits” —  Melinda Roder, Reporter, Jed Gamber, Photographer
Chesapeake Heritage, News Feature
  • – “From Surf to Turf” —  Kathleen Cairns, Reporter, Jed Gamber, Photographer
Feature News Report, Light Series
  •  “Maryland on the Street M.O.S. Stories” —  Kathleen Cairns, Reporter, Jed Gamber, Reporter
Editor, Editing News
  • “Within 24 Hours” — Jed Gamber, editing  
Photographer, Video Essay
  •  “Letters to Santa” —  Jed Gamber, Photographer

2015 AP Awards

Outstanding Documentary or In-Depth Reporting
  • “Jason’s Story” — Jeff Abell, Bryan Barr
Outstanding Editorial or Commentary
  • “Behind the Headlines: School Violence” —   Mark Hyman, Chris Manson, Casey Clark. Ben Worsley
Outstanding Public Affairs Program or Series 
  • “Democratic Debate” — Mike Tomko, Jennifer Gilbert, Casey Clark, Greg Massoni
Outstanding Feature or Human Interest Story
  • “The Running Man” —  Kathleen Cairns, Jed Gamber
Outstanding Television Photography
  • “Jed Gamber Photography”
Outstanding Weathercast
  • “Rain to Snow for Thanksgiving Travel” —  Jonathan Myers
Outstanding Newscast
  • “March 25, 2014” —  Christopher Berinato
Outstanding News Operation of the Year  
  • WBFF Staff
Best Reporter
  • Joy Lepola
Video Journalist/One Man Band Reporter
  • Paul Gessler
View: “Charles Lollar Day in the Life”– Melinda Roeder & Jed Gamber

2015 Silver Circle of the National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter NATAS

  • Kathleen Cairns, inductee

Beaumont, TX – KFDM

2016 Texas Associated Press Broadcasters Award

  • Station of the Year

Birmingham, AL – WBMA

2017 Alabama Associated Press Awards

1st Place
  • Best Newscast: “ABC 33/40 News ” – Chris Shirley, Ainsley Allison
  • Best Investigative Reporting: “Search for Addie Mae Collins” – Brian Pia, Sam Griswold, Fletcher Tubbs
  • Best Documentary: “April 27, 2011 Five Years Later” – Staff (Chris Shirley, Perna Roberson) 
  • Best Coverage Of A Planned Event: “2016 Drought Coverage ” – Staff
  • Best Reporter: Venton Blandin, Melanie Yuill, Stephen Quinn
2nd Place
  • Best Reporter: Venton Blandin, Melanie Yuill, Stephen Quinn
3rd Place
  • Best Reporter: Venton Blandin, Melanie Yuill, Stephen Quinn

2017 Alabama Broadcasters Association Awards

1st Place
  • Best Website – – Staff
Judges Award of Merit Sports Reporting TV
  • “Dabo’s Mom” – Jeff Speegle

2016 Associated Press Awards

Best Investigative Reporting: 1st Place
  • “Tracking your tax dollars: Mayor Bell’s travel expenses”
Best Sports Anchor: 1st Place
  • Joe Whelan, Sports Anchor

2016 Edward R. Murrow Regional Awards

1st Place
  • Winter Weather team Coverage
  • Website

2016 Alabama Broadcasters Association Awards

Best in Broadcasting Feature
  • Timothy Alexander” – Linda Mays, Jeff Gould
Best in Broadcasting: Sports Anchor
  • Joe Whelan
Judges Award of Merit: Reporter
  • Venton Blandin

Boise, ID – KBOI

2016 Idaho State Broadcasters Association Awards

  • Best Anchor – Natalie Hurst
  • Best Breaking News: “Homeless Camp Evictions” – KBOI Staff
  • Best News Feature: “Dog Behind Bars” – KBOI Staff
  • Best News Feature” “Dog Behind Bars” – KBOI Staff

2016 Idaho Press Club Awards

1st Place
  • General Excellence-TV: KBOI News at 10 Staff
  • Series TV: ”Kalli’s New Smile” – Kelsey Anderson
  • Rookie of the Year TV:Sierra Oshrin
  • Website General Excellence: TV – Jerry Manter, Kayla Cash
2nd Place
  • Best Morning News Program: “Bracing for the Storm” – Rachel Bjornstead
  • Best Live Shot:”Van Slams into Restaurant ” – Deni Hawkins
  • Light Feature Report-TV:”Santa’s Surprise for Scotty” – Kelsey Anderson
  • Weathercast-TV: Roland Steadham
  • Health/Medical Report-TV:  2nd Place – “Pain in the Neck” -Deni Hawkins
  • Television Writing-TV-Single Story:”Dog Behind Bars” – Natalie Hurst
3rd Place
  • Best Evening News Program:  “Police Shootout with Rancher” – Anja
  • Sports News Report TV: “Moose on the Loose” – Deni Hawkins
  • Serious Feature Report-TV:”Learning Life Lessons” – Jeff Platt
  • Sportscast-TV: Bryan Levon
  • Weathercast-TV: Deni Hawkins
  • Crime/Court TV:”Caught in the Act” – Morgan Wagner/Clyn Richards
  • Television Writing-TV-Single Story:”What you need to know about Tires” – Deni Hawkins

2015 Idaho State Broadcasters Association Awards

  • Best Continuing Coverage (Multiple Reports over Time): “Our coverage of the triple murder” – KBOI Staff
  • Best Investigative Report: “Know Who’s Knocking with plumber that entered home uninvited”
  • Best Spot News Story: “Winter Storm Forces School Closure” –  Morning News
  • Best TV Station Website
  • Best Commercial – Single :30 “Express Employment” – Jim Stoner
  • Top Honors: Best Local Newscast (Random Day taken from May) – KBOI2 News at 10pm

Cedar Rapids – KFXA/KGAN

Regional 2015 Edward R. Murrow Award

Reporting: Hard News

Champaign, IL – WCCU

2015 Illinois Broadcaster Association

Sportscaster of the Year
  • Sports Director, Josh Getzoff

Champaign, IL – WICD

2014 Illinois AP Awards

2nd Place – Best Sports Report
  • Josh Getzoff
2nd Place – Best Light Feature
  • Jenese Harris
  • Brian Singer

Charleston Huntington, WV – WCHS/WVAH

2017 WV Broadcasters Assn. Award

1st Place
  • Best Investigative News Story: “Shakedown behind Bars” – Leslie Rubin
  • Best Anchor – Whitney Wetzel

2017 Associated Press Viginias Award

1st Place
  • Investigative Reporting “Shakedown behind Bars” – Leslie Rubin
  • Feature Photography: “Traveling West Virginia” – Brad Rice

Charleston, SC – WCIV

2017 NATAS Southeast Awards

  • Director: Amanda Whitby

2016 SC Autism Society Awards

  • Reporter of the Year: Lara Rolo

2016 Associated Press Awards

  • Best Newscast

2016 Radio Television Digital News Association of the Carolinas Awards (RTDNAC)

1st Place
  • Hard Feature, Consumer / Economic: “Blue Light”, Stacy Jacobson, Dave MacQueen
  • Photography: “Ruffled Feathers”, Dave MacQueen
  • Special Report: “Emanuel Ame: Year of Healing”, Alex Caban, Dave MacQueen, Dan Michener, Victoria Hansen, Dean Stephens
  • Sport Special: “The Mckissick Legacy”, Scott Eisberg, Daren Stoltfus, Dean Stephens
  • Spot News:  ” A Public Plea”, Rob Mallia, Dan Michener, Victoria Hansen
  • TV News Producer of the Year: Drew Tripp
  • TV News Sportscaster of the Year: Daren Stoltzfus
2nd Place
  • TV News Reporter of the Year: Stacy Jacobson 
  • TV News Photography of the Year: Jason Tighe
  • Light Feature: ” A Success Story”, Dean Stephens, Dave MacQueen
  • Photography: “Nature to Nurture”, Tony Tassarotti

Chattanooga, TN – WTVC

2017 Tennessee AP Awards

1st Place
  • Short Light Feature: “Paws to Read” – Kelsey Bagwell, Mikey Fuller
  • Weather Coverage: “Deadly Tornadoes” –  Team
  • Videography: Blaine Headrick
  • News Anchor: Josh Roe
2nd Place
  • Short Light Feature: “Tornado Damaged Piano” – Lauren St. Germain, Blaine Headrick
  • Long Serious News Story: “Navy Officer Re-lives Terror Attack” – Josh Roe & Brent McDonald
  • Sports Feature: “Football Player & Cowboy” – Dave Staley, Dave Keylon, Dustin Kramer
  • Enterprise: “Pornography Addiction” – Brittany Martin, Drew Reed
  • Political Coverage: “March 2016 Primaries” – Team
  • Weather Coverage: “Ice and Snow Hazard” – Team
  • TV News Videographer: Lindsay Manning
  • TV Newscast: “Terror Attack: One Year Later” – Team

2016 Tennessee AP Awards

1st Place
  • Best Short Light Feature: “Stuffed T-shirts (MiC)” – Latricia Thomas, Blaine Headrick
  • Best Long Light Feature:  “Pay It Forward Milestone” – Sarah Jennings, Lindsay Manning, Brent McDonald
  • Best Long Serious Story : ”The Golden Hour/Lifeforce” – Alyssa Spirato, Brent McDonald, Mikey Fuller
  • Best Sports Feature : ”Daves’s Diamond Darlings” – Dave Staley
  • Best Weather Coverage: Staff
  • Best Videography: Blaine Headrick
  • Best Videographer: Lindsay Manning
  • Best Anchor: Josh Roe
  • Best Newscast: “Chattanooga Shootings Special” – Staff
  • Best Reporter: Nate Moribito
2nd Place
  • Best Spot News: “7/16 Shootings”
3rd Place
  • Best Newscast: “Chattanooga Shootings:  One Day Later “
Honorable Mention
  • Public Affairs: “Town Hall – Common Core”

Cincinnati, OH – WKRC

2016 SW Ohio Education Association

1st Place
  • Friend of Education: “Childhood Poverty: Cincinnati’s Crisis”, Local 12 Staff

Columbia, SC – WACH

2016 RTDNAC Award

1st Place
  • Best Light Feature –  Destiny Chance, Ryan Burgee

Columbus, OH – WSYX/WTTE

2017 Ohio AP Media Editors Awards

General Excellence

  • WSYX ABC 6 News

1st Place

  • Best Producer: “5PM Newscast” – Jeremy Edwards
  • Best Anchor Weather: Bill Kelly
  • Best Feature Reporting: Mike McCarthy
  • Best Broadcast Writing, Anchor Reporter: Adam Slinger
  • Best Reporter: Brooks Jarosz
  • Best Use of Photography: Mike McCarthy
  • Best Coverage of Scheduled Event: Brooks Jarosz
  • Best Continuing Coverage: Tom Sussi, Matt Spurrier
  • Best Newscast: Station
2nd Place
  • Best Feature Reporting: Kurt Ludlow,  Drew Jones
  • Best Broadcast Writing: Bhaskar Nair & Anthony Baldwin
  • Best Reporter: Adam Slinger
  • Best Sportscast: “Pre-Game Show” – Clay Hall
  • Best Sports Feature: “Clay Hall,  Mike Jones
  • Best Documentary/Series: Brooks Jarosz, Ben Frecker
  • Best Newscast: Station
  • Best Weathercast: “Weather on the Go” – Station

2016 Ohio AP Media Editors Awards

General Excellence
  • WSYX ABC 6 News
1st Place
  • Best Producer: Jeremy Edwards
  • Best Anchor: Bob Kendrick
  • Best Coverage of a Scheduled Event: “Commissioners’ Power Struggle” — Brooks Jarosz, Ben Frecker
  • Best Investigative Reporting:  “Hanging Hazard” — Brooks Jarosz, Drew Jones
  • Best Newscast: “Good Day Columbus Weekend” — Staff
  • Best Weathercast: Bill Kelly
  • Best Digital Presence: WSYX ABC 6 News
2nd Place
  • Best Feature Reporting: “Forgotten Photos” — Adam Slinger, Justin DePrekel
  • Best Broadcast Writing: Adam Slinger
  • Best Photographer: Justin DePrekel
  • Best Continuing Coverage: “Hooked on Heroin” — Tara Morgan, Justin DePrekel
  • Best Investigative Reporting: “Panhandling Phonies” — Tom Sussi, Matt Spurrier

2016 EMMY Awards

  • Spot News: “Hell on South Harris” – Mike McCarthy, Edwin Wilson
  • General Assignment Report : “No Time Limit – Devon’s Determination – Mike McCarthy, Ryan Bradford
  • Feature News Report: Single Story  “Time to Help” – Mike McCarthy
  • Business/Consumer: “Shady Electricians” – Tom Sussi, Matthew Spurrier, Drew Jones
  • Interview/Discussion Program: “Marijuana Town Hall” – Liz Lane, Chrisopher Caridas, Bob Kendrick
  • Promotion: News, Single Spot/Campaign/Image: “Always in the Game” – Mike Hansen, Doug Curran
  • Promotion: News, Single Spot/Campaign/Image: “ABC 6 Investigators” – Ryan Bradford Special Achievement:
  • Overall Excellence – WSYX/WTTE – Tony D’Angelo
  • Special Achievement: Community Service: Jamie Justice
  • Anchor/Weather: Bill Kelly
  • Reporter: “Morning Mayhem & More” – Mike McCarthy
  • Writer – “Story time with Mike” – Mike McCarthy

2016 Ohio Associated Press Awards

1st Place
  • General Excellence  – WSYX/WTTE
  • Best Breaking News Coverage – “Breaking News Bus Accident”
  • Extraordinary Coverage of a scheduled event – “Medical Marijuana Town Hall”
  • Broadcast Writing – Mike McCarthy
  • Feature Reporter – Mike McCarthy
  • Best Anchor – Bill Kelly
  • Best Series: “Brice Police” – Tom Sussi
  • Best Enterprise Reporting – “Firefighters Battling Cancer” – Brooks Jarosz
  • Best Weather Operation – WSYX
2nd Place
  • Best Reporter – Mike McCarthy
  • Best Enterprise Reporting: “Carbon Monoxide Dangers” – Adam Aaro
  • Waste Watch Series – Brooks Jarosz
  • Best Investigating Reporting: “Cop Cruiser Crashes” – Brooks Jarosz
  • Outstanding Sports Operation – WSYX
  • Best Continuing Coverage – Hooked on Heroin – WSYX

Cranston, RI – WJAR

2016 Edward R. Murrow Award

  • Overall News Excellence


2017 Texas AP Broadcast Award

1st Place
  • Newscast – Staff
  • Feature (Serious): “The Secret Tunnels of Sunset Heights” – Robert Holguin
2nd Place
  • Digital – Staff

2015 EMMY Award

  • “KFOX14 Investigates: Cash For Cancer Claims” – Genevieve Curtis, George Cervantes

2015 Texas School Bell Award

  • Bill Melugan

Eugene, OR – KMTR

2016 EMMY Awards

Best Evening Newscast: 1st place KMTR
  • “Umpqua Community College shooting back on October 1st”  –  KMTR Staff

2016 Regional EMMY Awards

Live Breaking News Coverage: 1st place
  • “Roseburg Shooting”  –  KMTR Evening Staff
 Evening News: 1st place
  • “UCC Shooting”  –  Stephanie Domurat, John Franchi, Samantha Saldivar, Travis Teich, Anthony Kustura, Kelly Andersen, Angelica Carrillo, Seena Sleem, Kris Nation, and Larry Johnson

Flint, MI – WEYI

2017 Michigan Association of Broadcasters Awards

 1st Place
  • Mini- Documentary Series: “Sailing Back in Time on the Great Lakes” – Drew Moore, Ben La Londe
  • Anchor – Sadie Hughes

2017 NATAS – Michigan Chapter Emmy Award

  • Continuing Coverage:  “Flint Water Crisis” – Mike Schram, Neille Giffune
  • Editor, Short Form: “Matrix Meteorologist” – Jeff Varga

2017 AP Award

1st Place
  • Anchor – Bill Harris
  • Continuing Coverage, News Director: “Flint Water Crisis” – Mike Schram
2nd Place
  • Sports Coverage:  “Road to Rio” – Sadie Hughes, Mike Horne
  • Anchor – Kristen Aguirre
  • Sports Feature: “Ref in Remission” – Tom Eschen

2017 Radio Television Digital News Association Award

Regional Winner
  • Continuing Coverage: “Flint Water Crisis” – Mike Schram

2016 NATAS – Michigan Chapter Emmy Award

Best Audio:
  • “A Patriotic Salute”  – Christopher Harris

2016 Michigan Association of Broadcasters Awards

Merit, Special Interest Programming
  •  “A Patriotic Salute” – Bill Harris, Sadie Hughes, Mike Horne, Chris Harris, and Travis Carte
Best Special Interest Programming
  • “A Classy, Brassy Christmas & More” – Bill Harris, Sadie Hughes, Mike Horne, and Chris Harris
Best Reporting
  • Sadie Hughes
Merit Sports Feature
  • “Fans Experiencing A Loss Win With Saginaw Spirit” – Tom Eschen
Best Weathercast
  • “Dense Fog Brings Overnight And Morning Hazards” – Ahmad Bajjey

2016 Michigan Associated Press Awards

Best Anchor/ Reporter
  • Bill Harris
Best Weathercast
  • Ahmad Bajjey
Best Sportscast
  • Tom Eschen, Cory Coppock

2016 Aurora Award

  • “Patriotic Salute”

    Florence/Myrtle Beach, SC – WPDE

    2016 South Carolina Broadcasters Association Award

    • Best Website – WPDE staff

    2016 South Carolina AP Award

    2nd Place
    • Best Newscast: “5pm News: Historic Flood” – WPDE ABC 15 News at 5

    2016 RTDNAC Carolina’s Award

    1st Place
    • Education: “Energy Positive Schools” – Summer Dashe, Heather Gale
    • General News by Multimedia Journalist: “Brittanee Drexel Talk of Town in McLellanville” – Summer Dashe
    2nd Place
    • Best Newscast: “5pm News: Historic Flood” – WPDE ABC 15 News at 5

      Grand Island, NE – KFXL

      2016 Associated Press Awards

      1st place
      • Newscast:  “KFXL Nightly”- Jake Taylor, Kent Boughton, Production Staff

      Green Bay, WI – WLUK

      2017 Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Awards

      1st place

      • Best Weathercast – Patrick Powell
      • Best Election Coverage – News Team
      2nd Place
      • Best Continuing Coverage – Mark Leland
      • Best Use of Sports Video: “LaCrosse: The Oneida Way” – Josh Moser
      • Best Website
      • Best User of User Generated Content: “Viral Arrest Video” – News Team
      3rd Place
      • Best Newscast: “FOX 11 News at Five” – News Team
      • Best Continuing Coverage: “Mayor Campaign Finance Violations” – News Team
      • Best Specialty Programming: “Packers Family Night” – Sports / News Team
      • Best PSA: “Runaway for Life” – Creative Services Team

      2017 Golden Gravel Awards

      1st place

      • Best Reporter: “Legalities of Sports Fantasy Websites” – Andrew LaCombe

      2016 Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Awards

      1st place
      • Best Use of Social Media
      • Specialty Programming
      • Best News Specialty Program: Town Hall “The High Cost of Higher Education”
      • Best Sports Reporting: Town Hall “Concussion-High School Player Quits” – Bill Miston
      • Best Commercial: “Lamers Dairy Celebrates Dairy Month”
      2nd place
      • Morning Newscast: “Good Day Wisconsin News Specialty Programing”
      • Topical Promotion: “Packers Family Night News: FOX 11 Investigates”
      • Specialty Programing: “Packers Family Night News”
      • Topical Promotion: “FOX 11 Investigates VA Whistle Blower”
      3rd place
      • Evening Newscast: FOX 11 News at Five
      • Hard News Investigative: “Shawano Housing Authority”
      • Sportscast: WLUK FOX 11 Sports – Drew Smith

      2016 Regional Edward R Murrow Award

      • Reporting: Hard News: “Snow Plow Investigation” – Mark Leland

      2016 Gracie Award

      Local Television Stations Host for Entertainment Program
      • “The Better Half” – Rachel Manek

      2016 Statewide Golden Gavel Award

      • Gracie Award-Host

      Harlingen, TX – KGBT

      2016 National Association of Hispanic Journalists Award

      • Hard News Reporting: “Rio Grande Valley “- Tiffany Huertas

      2015 Regional Edward R. Murrow Award

      • Hard News Reporting: “Undocumented Immigrants Surge from Central America”- Ashly Custer

      2015 Texas AP Awards

      1st Place
      • Spot Story Individual Category: “Man Armed with Assault Rifle Barricaded Inside Brownsville Home” – Daisy Martinez

      2015 Readers Choice Award for the Valley Morning Star

      • Best TV Personality – Marcy Martinez

      2015 Readers Choice Award for the Brownsville Herald and The Monitor

      • Best TV Personality – Marcy Martinez

      Harrisburg, PA – WHP

      2017 Pennsylvania

      Regional Edward R. Murrow Award

        • Feature Reporting: “Bringing Back Bruce” – Lara Greenberg (reporter)
        • Feature Reporting: “Bringing Back Bruce”- Kyle Cooper (photographer)

        2017 Sigma Delta Chi

          • Feature Reporting:   “Bringing Back Bruce” – Lara Greenberg (reporter)
          • Feature Reporting:   “Bringing Back Bruce” – Kyle Cooper (photographer)

          2016 Pennsylvania Associated Press Broadcasters Association Award

          1st place
            • Best Enterprise Reporting:   “Ex-pros found, surprised by CFL pensions” – Jason Bristol – Sports Director, Colin Powell – Photojournalist
            • Best Sportscast –  Jason Bristol – Sports Director
            • Best Sports Feature Story: 1st place — “Bringing the Heat” – Jason Bristol – Sports Director,Colin Powell – Photojournalist
              2nd place
              • Best Sportscast: Colin Powell – Photojournalist
                3rd place
                • Best Sports Coverage:  “Red Land Little League World Series Run” – Shannel Douglas, Bill Seiders
                • Best News Feature –  Jason Bristol – Sports Director, Kyle Cooper – Photojournalist

                  2016 Regional Edward R. Murrow Award

                  Top Honor for Sports Reporting:
                  • “Ex-pros Found, Surprised by CFL Pensions” – Jason Bristol – Sports Director, Colin Powell – Photojournalist

                  2015 PAB (Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters) Awards

                  Outstanding Investigative Story:
                  • “Ex-pros Found, Surprised by CFL Pensions” – Jason Bristol – Sports Director, Colin Powell – Photojournalist

                  2015 Emmy Regional Award

                  Outstanding Investigative Story:
                  • “Ex-pros Found, Surprised by CFL Pensions” – Jason Bristol – Sports Director, Colin Powell – Photojournalist

                  Johnstown, PA – WJAC

                  2017 Pennsylvania Association Broadcasters Award

                  • Best Feature
                  • Outstanding Television Investigative Story/Report/Series: “Accused Teacher Pensions” – Kody Liebowitz

                  Kearney, NE – KHGI

                  2016 Associated Press Awards

                  1st place
                  • Agriculture: “Ord FFA Harvest” – Steve White
                  2nd place 
                  • Spot News: “Missing Teens – South Platte River” – Lauren Scharf
                  • Videography: “Propane Burn” – Megan Johnson
                  • Feature:  “Helmet for Grace” – Steve White
                  • Newscast: “NTV News Weekend Edition” – Sara Kirkley, Regina Bird, Megan Johnson, Steve White
                  3rd place
                  • Agriculture:  “Egg Farm” – Staff
                  • Website: Nebraska.TV – Staff

                  Las Vegas, NV – KSNV

                  2016 Regional Emmy

                  1st Place
                  • Breaking News: “Cosmopolitan Fire” – Chad Graves
                  • General Assignment Report: “Zipline Live Shot” – Chad Graves, and Reed Cowan
                  • News Religion Story:  “No Hate, Only Hug.” – KSNV Staff
                  • Best Editor: – KSNV Staff
                  • Best Photographer: KSNV Staff
                  • Single Story: “The Fight Before the Flight” – KSNV Staff

                  Little Rock, AR – KATV

                  2015 Regional Emmy for Continuing Coverage

                  Lynchburg, VA – WSET

                  2017 Association Press of the Virginias Award

                  First Place
                  • Outstanding News Operations – Staff
                  • Spot News Photography: “Appomattox Tornadoes” – Staff
                  • Website: http:
                  Second Place
                  • Anchor – Megan Dice
                  • Feature Photography: “Civil War Remains” – Devan Mello

                  2015 Virginia Association of Broadcasters Award

                  • Best Newscast

                  2015 Meritorious Awards

                  • Best Sportscast
                  • Best Documentary or In-Depth report – “Overlord 2014, the 70th anniversary of D-Day”
                  • Outstanding Effort by an Individual Reporter: “Caught in the Web” – Danner Evans

                  Macon, GA – WGXA

                  2016 Georgia Association of Broadcasters

                  Merit Award

                  • Best Weather Coverage: Jeff Cox

                  2016 Georgia Association of Press Media Editors

                  1st Place

                  • Best Weather Reporting: Jeff Cox

                  2015 Outstanding Mass Communications Alumni

                  • Raymond Tubb

                  2015 Georgia Association of Broadcasters

                  • Weathercast of the Year

                  Marquette, MI – WLUC

                  2015 Good News Awards

                  1st Place
                  • Feature Story:  “Kingsford High School Band”
                  • PSA:  ” Bowl For Kids Sake”
                  • Editorial: “The Upside”
                  • Long Form Program; “U.P. Power”
                  • Community Involvement: “Canathon”
                  • Merit / Straight News Story: Rescue Snowmobilers 
                  • Merit / Series: “Fear No More”

                  2015 Michigan Association of Broadcasters

                  • Station of the Year
                  1st Place
                  • Investigative Story: “Wolf Hunt”
                  • Mini Doc/Series: “Marijuana”
                  • Commercials: “The Precious Gift/Wilderness Sports”
                  • Photojournalist –  Jerry Tudor
                  • Newscast – TV6 Early News
                  • Weathercaster: Shawn Householder
                  • Community involvement: “TV6 Canathon”
                  Merit Awards
                  • Investigative story: “Lead Poisoning”
                  • Promotions: “TV6 News Team”
                  • Commercials: “The Recliner/Kirkish Furniture”
                  • Weathercast – Karl Bohnak
                  • Special interest programming: “UP Power”

                  Mobile, AL – WPMI

                  2017 Alabama Broadcaster’s Association

                  1st place
                  • Best Hard News: ” Baton Rouge Police Shootings” – Christian Jennings, Mike Corry
                  • Best Newscast: “Local 15 News at 10” – Staff

                  Nashville, TN – WZTV

                  2017 Associated Press Award

                  2nd Place
                  • Sports Feature: “Coached Downs” –  Paul Jones, David Hodge
                  • TV Sportscaster – Paul Jones
                  • Videography – David Hodge
                  Honorable Mention
                  • TV Editing: Ryan Brooker

                  2016 EMMY Award

                  • Magazine Program – FOX 17 Photography Special

                  2016 NATAS

                  • Serious News Feature: “Disaster on Demonbreun” – Meagan O’Halloran, Ryan Brooke

                  2016 Tennessee AP Awards

                  2nd Place
                  • Best Enterprise: “Green Mile Investigation” – Sabrina Hall
                  • Best TV Newscast: “Chattanooga Shootings” – Sarah Shiverdecker, Jill Kilgore
                  • Best Weather Coverage: “February Freeze Day 1” – Alexandra Jones, Katy Morgan, Micah Wooten
                  • Best TV Editing: “Darknet” – Eric Alvarez
                  • Best TV Producing: “Chattanooga Shootings” – Sarah Shiverdecker, Jill Kilgore
                  3rd Place
                  • Best Short Light Feature: “One Direction Tattoo” – Meagan O’Halloran, Ryan Brooker
                  • Best Sports Feature: “Legally Blind Runner” – Jen French, David Hodge
                  • Best TV Editing: “Flood Anniversary Compilation” – Jeremy Briant
                  • Best TV Producing: “Vanderbilt Rape Case Verdict” – Alexandra Jones
                  • Best TV News Videographer –  Eric Alvarez
                  Honorable Mention
                  • Best Investigative Story: “Hickman County Bus Crash” – Erika Kurre, Ryan Thornburg
                  • Best Sports Feature: “Legally Blind Runner” – Jen French, David Hodge

                  • Best Website: – Fox17 Staff
                  • Best Videography: “Prescription Pills” – Eric Alvarez
                  • Best TV Editing: “Ryan Brooker Composite” – Ryan Brooker
                  • Best TV Sportscaster – Paul Jones
                  • Best TV Reporter – Stacy Case

                  New Bloomfield, MO – KRCG

                  2017 Edward R. Murrow Regional Award

                  1st Place
                  • Excellence in Sound: “Warren Creche Signs Off” – Riccardo Montgomery

                  2017 Missouri Broadcasters Association Award

                  1st Place
                  • Best Local Website: “” – Matt Johnson/KRCG staff
                  • Feature Reporting:  “Snow Shovel Samaritan” – Elizabeth Hoffman/Riccardo Montgomery

                  2016 Edward R. Murrow Regional Award

                  Overall Excellence
                  • “The Deadly Condo Fire in Osage Beach” – KRCG Staff
                  • “Racial Tension at the University of Missouri” – KRCG Staff
                  • “The Royals’ World Series Victory” – KRCG Staff

                  2016 Missouri Broadcasters Awards

                  1st Place
                  • News Series
                  • Feature Reporting
                  2nd Place
                  • Best News Anchor
                  • Best Local Website
                  • Investigative Reporting

                  2016 Kansas City Press Club Awards

                  1st Place
                  • Deadline Reporting
                  • Photojournalism -Breaking News
                  • Photojournalism-General Reporting
                  • Beat Reporting
                  2nd Place
                  • Photojournalism-Breaking News
                  • Regular Franchise Feature
                  • Documentary
                  • Beat Reporting
                  • Profile
                  3rd Place
                  • Deadline Reporting/Breaking News
                  • Photojournalism-Feature
                  • News Program
                  Honorable Mention
                  • Photojournalism-Feature
                  • News Program

                  Oklahoma City, OK – KOKH

                  Oklahoma Associated Press Broadcasters Awards 2015 News Excellence

                  1st place
                  • Best Evening Newscast: “FOX 25 News At Nine”  – Adam Pursch, Heather Browne, Greg Burnam
                  • Best Website: The All New – Adam Pursch, Austin Prickett
                  • Best Spot News Photography: “Ice Storm 2015: Cleanup Continues” – Colleen Wilson
                  • Best Early Newscast: “Fox 25 Morning News, 6AM” – Adam Pursch, Kathy Damrill

                  2014 OAB Outstanding Achievement in Broadcasting Award

                  • “Best Longform Programming” for Fox 25 Investigates special on water concerns in Noble, OK

                  2014 OAB Community Service Award

                  • Town Hall meeting in May, 2014 on Veterans Care in Oklahoma

                  2014 Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters Award

                  • “Outstanding Achievement” award for Morning Newscast (best Morning News in Oklahoma!)

                  Pensacola, FL – WEAR

                  2016 Associated Press Award

                  • Light Feature: “Airman Delivers the Perfect Holiday Surprise” –  Reporter/Anchor:  Anthony Pura, Photographer:  Hudson Miller

                  2015 ADDY

                  • Podcast: “Self Promotion” – Christian Garman, Travis Brown

                  Portland, ME – WGME

                  2017 Gracie Awards

                  • WGME 5 PM Newscast – Kaitlyn Anderson

                  2017 RTDNA Regional Murrow Awards

                  • Overall Excellence: “On Your Side 2016” 
                  • Breaking News: “Black Lives Matter”
                  • News Series: “Busting the Bus to Nowhere “
                  • Website:
                  • Excellence in Social Media: “Governor Voicemail Controversy”
                  • News Documentary: “The Great Portland Fire”
                  • Writing: “Dirigo Stories” –
                  • Excellence in Video: “How to Clam”
                  • Excellence in Sound: “Talking Car”

                  2016 Maine Association of Broadcasters Awards

                  1st Place
                  • Newscast: “SAD 6 Scandals” –   Joe Hegarty, Ted Bissell, and CBS 13 Team 
                  • Weathercast –  Charlie Lopresti
                  • Election Coverage –  Ted Homer, Zack Owens, and CBS 13
                  • TeamSpot News: “Flooding” –  Jared Pelletier, Nate Sapp, and CBS13 Team
                  • Feature: “Rip Chair” –  Jana Barnello, Zak Morin, and  Nate Sapp
                  • Sports Feature: “Parkinson’s Runner” –  Brad Rogers, Jim Bowne
                  • Best Social Media Entertainment Use – Ariana St Pierre
                  • Public Service: “Shred-a-thon Event Promo”
                  • Best Social Media Entertainment Use
                  2nd Place
                  • Spot News: “Tent Collapse” –   Katie Sampson, Marissa Bodnar, and Jon Chrisos
                  • Public Affairs: “Fighting Heroin” –   Gregg Lagerquist, Matt Curren, and CBS 13 Team  
                  • Continuing Coverage:  “El Faro: Mainers Missing at Sea” – Kaitlyn Anderson, Jon Chrisos, and CBS 13 Team
                  • Locally Produced Program: “Saving Fort Gorges” –  Amanda Post, Charlie Lopresti, & CBS 13 Team
                  • AM Self Promotion: “Good Day Maine” – Image promo
                  3rd Place
                  • Sports Feature: “Combat Concussions” –  Jennifer Long, Scott Episcopo
                  • Sportscast – Dave Eid
                  • Continuing Coverage: “Oakland Murders” –  Lexie O’Connor, Marissa Bodnar, and CBS 13 Team  
                  • Photojournalism: “Bear It All” –  Mike Hartford

                  2016 Emmy Awards

                  • Newscast Evening Smaller Market: “Flash Flooding” – Joe Hegarty , Kim Block , Gregg Lagerquist , and Kathy Reynolds
                  • Spot News: “Tent Collapse” – Jon Chrisos, Marissa Bodnar, Katie Sampson, Maria Valvanis, and Joe Hegarty
                  • News Report: “Light Feature: “Ripchair” – Jana Barnello, Nate Sapp, and Zak Morin
                  • News Specialty Report Business/Consumer: “On Your Side” – Jon Chriso
                  • Special Event Coverage: “Tall Ships Parade of Sail” – Ted Homer, Craig Clark, and Kim Block
                  • Anchor:Weather – Adam Epstein, Meteorologist

                  Portland, OR – KATU

                  2016 National Press Photographers Association Regional Awards

                  Crime News: 1st Place

                  • “Bunker Hill” – John Michael Farley/Hillary Lake

                  Best Anchor: 1st Place

                  • Steve Done

                  2016 Regional Emmy Awards

                  Best News Anchor: 1st Place
                  • Steve Dunn
                  Best Crime News: 1st Place
                  • “Bunker Hunt”
                  News Photojournalist
                  • Jon-Michael Farley
                  General Assignment Reporter
                  • Hillary Lake

                  2015 National Press Photographers Association Regional Awards

                  Top scoring station in the NW region
                  • KATU Staff

                  Quincy, IL – KHQA

                  2017 Iowa News Broadcasters Awards

                  1st Place
                  • Farm and Agribusiness Reporting: “This Week in Ag” – Abbey Jaymes
                  2nd Place
                  • Excellence – Weather Coverage – Rich Cain, Tegan Orpet, Nick Stewart
                  • Excellence – Reporting – Rajah Maples
                  • General Reporting: “Conceal and Carry” – David Amelotti, Matt Rector
                  3rd Place
                  • Feature Reporting: “POW’s in Hannibal” – David Amelotti, Matt Rector
                  • Political Coverage: “2016 Campaign” – All Staff
                  • Sports Coverage: “The Exchange” – Chris Duerr

                  2017 Illinois Broadcast Association Awards

                  1st Place
                  • Best Spot News Coverage: “Emden Tornado” -Nick Stewart, Jenny Dreasler
                  2nd Place
                  • Best TV Sports Story: “The Exchange” – Chris Duerr
                  • Best Local Series/Documentary: “Shattering the Silence” – Chad Douglas
                  3rd Place
                  • Best TV Reporter: “Emden Tornado” – Jenny Dreasler, Nick Stewart

                  2016 Iowa Broadcast News Association Awards

                  2nd Place
                  • General Reporting
                  • Independent Series

                  2016 Missouri Broadcast Association Awards

                  • Best Website

                  Reno, NV – KRNV/KRXI

                  2017 Regional Emmy Award

                  • Best Newscast: “News 4 at 5 On Your Side: Hug High School Shooting,” – Scott Fitzgerald, News Director; David Sandler, Executive Producer; Kendall Holcomb, Producer
                  • Best Sports Program: “Keep on Chopping” – Bryan Samudio, Alex Margulies

                  Rochester, NY – WHAM

                  2017 New York Associated Press Awards

                  1st Place
                  • Best Spot News Coverage: 13 WHAM News at 11 PM – News Team
                  • Best Enterprise Reporting: 13 WHAM News at 11PM – James Madalinsky
                  2nd Place
                  • Best Sports Feature: 13 WHAM News at 11PM – Tobias Motyka

                  2017 RTNDA Awards

                  • Feature Reporting: “Someone You Should Know” – Doug Emblidge & Paul Giovine

                  2016 Regional Murrow Awards

                  • Best Breaking News: “Boys and Girls Club Mass Shooting”

                  2016 New York State Broadcasters Association Awards

                  • Best Breaking News-“Boys and Girls Club Mass Shooting”
                  • Best Sportscast

                  2016 Associated Press Awards

                  • Sports Feature Reporting

                  2016 City Newspaper, Best of Rochester Award

                  • Best News Operation – Staff
                  • Best  Local TV Personality – Scott Hetsko

                  San Antonio, TX – WOAI/KABB

                  2017 AP Awards

                  1st Place
                  • Sports Special: ” Thank You Tim” – Don Harris, David Chancellor, Casey Keirnan
                  • Newscast: ” Fox News at Nine” – Lauren Wilson, Christina Armstrong
                  2nd Place
                  • Sportscast: ” News 4 San Antonio” – Don Harris

                  2017 Lone Star Emmy Awards

                  • Sports, News Single Story: “Sports Sunday” – David Chancellor, Carlos Sanchez

                  2017 St. Jude Childrens Hospital Award

                  • Station of the Year: Partner – Blaise Labbe

                  2017 Muscular Dystrophy Assoc.

                  • Supporting Sponsor

                  2017 Air Force Air Education & Training Command

                  • Supporting Sponsor: Recognition of Air Force Issues – Randy Beamer, Delaine Mathieu

                  2017 MLK, Jr. Commission

                  • Appreciation for Documentary – Blaise Labbe, Mandi Mendoza, Keith McMahan

                  2016 SA Reader’s Choice Awards

                  2nd place
                  • Best Meteorologist – Albert Flores
                  • Best News Anchor – Randy Beamer   

                  Seattle, WA – KOMO / KUNS

                  2017 National Murrow Award

                  1st Place
                  • Sports Reporting: “All-Girls Baseball Team” – Mike Ferreri

                  2017 Regional Emmy Awards

                  1st Place
                  • Crime News Reporting: Reporters – Morgan Chesky, Mike Perry
                  • Human Interest Feature: Reporter – Malia Karlinsky
                  • News Promotion Campaign: Writer, Producer – Deborah Ellis / Ryan Severn
                  • News Promotion Campaign: Writer, Producer – Deborah Ellis / Ryan Severn
                  • Program Host: Seattle Refined –  Gaard Swanson
                  • Reporter: KOMO News – Gaard Swanson
                  • Writing: KOMO News – Eric Johnson
                  • Morning Newscast: KOMO Morning News – Morning News Staff, Jacci Lewis, Executive Producer
                  • Evening News: KOMO News at 5pm – Jill Mullican, Producer / Nathan Wilson Asst. News Director 
                  • Feature News Reporting: KOMO News – Eric Johnson, Mike Perry
                  • News Special: KOMO News Reporter, Photographer, Editor – Eric Johnson, Doug Pigley/ Darrin Tegman
                  • Team Coverage: KOMO News – Pat Costello

                  2017 Regional RTDNA Murrow Awards

                  • Newscast: “5pm / Greenwood Explosion”
                  • Excellence in Writing: “Eric Johnson Compilation” – Eric Johnson
                  • Sports Reporting: “6pm News / All Girls Baseball Team” – Mike Ferreri (reporter), Doug Pigsley (Photographer)

                  2016 Regional EMMY Awards

                  1st Place
                  • Morning/Daytime News: “November Storm”  – Daniel Grohl, Producer
                  • Breaking News: “Ride The Ducks Crash”  – KOMO Staff
                  • Business/Consumer – News: “The Fall of City Guru” – Jon Humbert, Investigative Reporter
                  Best Writer – News:
                  • Lindsay Cohen
                  Best Video Journalist:
                  • Mitch Pittman
                  Lifetime Achievement: NATAS Silver Circle
                  • Scott Altus

                  2016 Regional Murrow Awards

                  1st place
                  • Breaking News: “Ride The Ducks Crash”  – KOMO Staff
                  • Hard News Coverage: “No Safe Haven”  – Tracy Vedder/KOMO Investigative Team

                  Siouxland, SD – KMEG

                  2016 IBNA Awards

                  1st Place
                  • News Photography
                  • Farm and Agribusiness
                  • Overall Excellence in Weather Coverage
                  2nd Place
                  • Best Newscast

                  2015 IBNA Awards

                  1st Place
                  • News Photography: “Siouxland’s Most Haunted”
                  • “Pearl’s Wine & Booze”- Jetske Wauran
                  • Farm and Agribusiness – “Genetic Potatoes” – Jacob Heller
                  • Overall Excellence in Weather Coverage “Pilger Tornado & Aftermath” – Chad Sandwell
                  2nd Place
                  • Best Newscast – Larry Wentz, Jen Austin
                  • Award of Merit for Weather : “Winter Lingers on In Siouxland”  – Chad Sandwell
                  • Award of Merit for Sportscast “Game Night, Halloween Playoff Edition”  – Jordan Furbee
                  • Award of Merit for Broadcast Writing “Sights, Lights and Season Greetings” – Joseph Bisaccia
                  • Award of Merit: Weather, “Winter Lingers on In Siouxland” – Chad Sandwell
                  • Award of Merit: Sportscast, “Game Night, Halloween Playoff Edition” – Jordan Furbee
                  • Award of Merit: Broadcast Writing, “Sights, Lights and Season Greetings” – Joseph Bisaccia

                  South Bend-Elkhart, IN – WSBT

                  2017 Associated Press Awards

                  1st Place
                  • Outstanding News Operations
                  • Best Newscast: “First Alert Weather Day”
                  • Best Spot News Reporting: “Kokomo Tornadoes”
                  • Best Continuous Coverage: “Deadly Courthouse Shooting”
                  • Best Feature: “Skillet Presidential Challenge” – Suzanne Spencer, Jade Birch
                  • Best Feature Videography: “Art Under the Commerce” – Danielle Kennedy
                  • Best Photojournalism Staff
                  • Best Producer – Ashley Henderson
                  2nd Place
                  • Best Newscast
                  • Best Producer – Lee Stevens
                  • Sports Director – Pete Byrne
                  • Best Enterprise Story: “Police Marketing” – Suzanne Spencer, Jade Birch
                  • Best Sports Report: “Race to Recovery” – Adam Derengowski
                  • Best Feature Videography: “River Rescue Training” – Danielle Kennedy, Joe Eufemi

                  2016 Associated Press Awards

                  1st Place
                  • Outstanding News Operations
                  • Outstanding Weather Operations
                  • Best Newscast
                  • Best Website
                  • Best Continuous Coverage
                  • Best Feature
                  • Best Enterprise Story
                  2nd Place
                  • Best Investigative Report
                  • Best Continuous Coverage
                  • Best Feature
                  • Best Station
                  • Photojournalism
                  • Best Reporter
                  • Best Sports Report or Program

                  Springfield, IL – WICS

                  2017 Illinois Broadcasters Association Awards

                  1st Place
                  • Best Medium Market TV Weathercast – Cheryl Lemke
                  2nd Place
                  • Best Medium Market Sports Anchor: “Weekend” – David Coy
                  • Best Medium Market Photographer: “Early Evening Shows” – Shawn Shanlee

                  2016 Illinois Silver Dome Awards

                  1st Place
                  • Medium Market Local program, Series or Documentary: “Child Loss Series” – Stacey Skrysak
                  • Medium Market TV: Best TV Photojournalism

                  2016 Illinois Broadcaster Association Awards

                  1st place
                  • Best Local Program-Series or Documentary: “Child Loss” – Stacey Skrysak, Adam Theilken\
                  Best TV Photojournalist
                  • Shawn Shanle – Photojournalist

                  Syracuse, NY – WTVM / WSTM

                  2017 Syracuse Press Club Awards

                  1st Place

                  • Best Weathercast: “Morning weather from Nov. 21st, 2016” – Peter Hall
                  • Newcomer of the Year: Molly Matott
                  • Spot News Coverage: “Baby Maddox Found” – News Team
                  • Investigative Story: “Metro Fence Investigation” – Matt Mulcahy, Matt Landers
                  • Best Sportscast: “Down to the Wire at the Mecca of Basketball” – Niko Tamurian, Matt Hauswirth, Justin Page
                  2nd Place
                  • Multi-media Story: “Metro Fence Investigation” – Matt Mulcahy, Matt Landers
                  • Human Interest Story: “Winning the battle: the coach who couldn’t give up” – Niko Tamurian
                  • Best Sportscast: “Marsh’s Amazing Run” – Niko Tamurian
                  • Online Spot News Coverage: “Baby Maddox Found” – News Team

                  2017 NYS Broadcasters Association Awards

                  1st Place

                  • Best Sportscast: “Down to the Wire at the Mecca of Basketball” – Niko Tamurian, Matt Hauswirth, Justin Page
                  • Best Spot News: “NBC3 11pm – Kirkville Brush Fire” – News Team
                  • Service New York: “Telethon for victims of Hurricane Matthew” – News Team, General Manager

                  2017 RTDNA Awards

                  1st Place

                  • Continuing Coverage: “Amber Alert Ends With Heartbreak in Syracuse” – News Team

                  2017 NY Emmy Awards

                  1st Place
                  • Best Evening Newscast: NBC 3 News at 5PM “Martin Street Deadly Fire” – News Team

                  2016 Emmy Awards

                  • Best Newscast: “Dr. Robert Neulander verdict”

                  2016 Edward R. Murrow Awards

                  1st Place
                  • “Overall Excellence” – WSTM

                  2016 New York AP Awards

                  1st Place
                  • Best Weathercast – Peter Hall
                  • Best Investigative Reporting: “911 Dispatch Delay” — Matt Mulcahy, Andy Wolf, Rae Fulkerson, and Nia Towne
                  Special Mention (WTVH, Syracuse): 
                  • Best Enterprise Reporting: “Excelling’ Alcoholic Gives Up Booze At 22” Michael Benny, Quindell Williams

                  2016 Syracuse Press Club Awards

                  1st place 
                  • News Website: — Mason Merritt, Tyler Head
                  • Investigative Story: “911 dispatch delay” — Matt Mulcahy
                  • Human Interest Feature: “Up close with supermodel Emme” — Matt Mulcahy, Lewis Karpel
                  • Regularly Scheduled Sportscast:  “Life in perspective during March Madness” — Niko Tamurian, Lewis Karpel
                  • Special Program: “Your voice, your future: The poverty problem in Syracuse” — Matt Mulcahy, Rae Fulkerson, Andy Wolf, Staci-lyn Onofre
                  • Multimedia Story:  “TAVR: New heart valve, no operation” — Matt Mulcahy, Andy Wolf
                  2nd place
                  • News Feature: “TAVR innovative heart surgery” — Matt Mulcahy, Andy Wolf
                  • Special Program: “Up close with Matt Mulcahy” – Matt Mulcahy, Andy Wolf, Lewis Karpel, Quindell Williams
                  • Multimedia Story: “911 dispatch delay”- Matt Mulcahy, Nia Towne, Rae Fulkerson
                  Broadcaster of the Year
                  • Matt Mulcahy

                  2016 New York State Broadcasters Association Award

                  • Best Sportscast

                  2016 NY Associated Press Awards

                  Special Mention
                  • Best Feature: “The festival that saved the fair” – Michael Benny, Lewis Karpel
                  • Best Feature: “Rough and tumble play”- Alex Resila
                  • Best News Series:  “On the road: Answers for 81” – Matt Mulcahy, Quindell Williams
                  • Best Spot News Coverage: “Stranded in the snow on 81” –  Matt Stevens, Lewis Karpel

                  2016 Syracuse Press Club Award

                  1st place
                  • Spot News:  – CNY Central, “Stranded in the snow on 81” – Matt Stevens, Lewis Karpel
                  • Human Interest Feature: 1st place – CNY Central,  “The faces of Challenger Baseball” – Niko Tamurian, Andy Wolf
                  • Weather News: Peter Hall
                  2nd place
                  • Spot News: “Buried in Buffalo: Neighbors brace for more snow, NFL moves Bills game” – Kellie Cowan, Lewis Karpel
                  • Sports Story: “Cortland coach goes under the knife in hopes of saving a life”
                  • Sports show: “The Orange Zone: Syracuse’s shocking buzzer-beater victory” – Niko Tamurian, Adrian Autry, Tom Eschen, Andy Wolf
                  • Regularly Scheduled Sportscast:  “National Signing Day”- Niko Tamurian
                  • Video Journalism: Lewis Karpel
                  • Photojournalism: Lewis Karpel

                  Traverse City, MI – WPBN

                  2015 Michigan Association of Broadcasters

                  • Best Weathercast: ” 5pm”  – Chief Meteorologist, Mark Watkins
                  • Best Feature: “A Special Bond” – Reporter, Erika Erickson
                  • Best Series:  Mini Documentary – ” Unthinkable-The Goodhart Murders” – Anchor, Marc Schollett

                  2014 Traverse City Red Hot List

                  Local TV Personality
                  • Marc Schollett, Melissa Smith
                  Local Weatherman
                  • Joe Charlevoix, Marc Watkins
                  Sports Reporter
                  • Harrison Beeby

                  Tulsa, OK – KTUL

                  2016 Associated Press Awards

                  • Solo Journalism – Kristin Dickerson
                  • Special Program – Mike Massey, Amy B
                  • General Photography – Dre Dabars, KTUL Staff
                  • Video Editing – Dre Dabars
                  • Best Feature – Burt Mummolo, KTUL Staff

                  2016 Radio Television Digital News Association Awards

                  • Regional Best Website
                  • Continuing coverage

                  2016 Emmy Awards

                  • Daytime Newscast
                  • Video Journalist – Kristin Dickerson

                  2015 Regional Murrow Awards

                  Continuing Coverage

                  2015 Gracie Award

                  Outstanding Anchor – News or Magazine
                  • Kristin Dickerson

                  Washington, DC – WJLA

                  2017 Regional Emmy Award

                  1st place
                  • Newscast Daytime: “Tornado Disaster: ABC7 4PM” – Tornado Disaster: ABC7 4PM
                  • Newscast Evening: “Silver Spring Explosion” – Lauren Stauffer, Andrea Nejman, Jonathan Elias, Anna-Lysa Gayle, Timothy Barber
                  • GA Report within 24 hours: “Be the Light” – “Jay Korff, Dwayne Myers”
                  • GA Report no time limit: “Cumberland at a Crossroads” – Jay Korff, Kevin Drennen
                  • Continuing Cov. within 24 hrs: “Tordil Take Down” – Staff
                  • Team Coverage: “Silver Spring Explosion” – Staff
                  • Investigative Single Story: “Sudden Impact-Takata Airbag” – Lisa Fletcher, Dwayne Myers, Holly Shannon, Ron Mounts, Jeffrey Keene
                  • News Special: “A Nations Story” – Rebecca McDevitt, staff
                  • Arts & Entertainment Story: “Tuba Man” – Jay Korff, Kevin Drennen
                  • Military Special: “Left Behind” – Jay Korff, Kevin Drennen
                  • Politics/ Government: “Butt Dial Death” – Chris Papst
                  • Magazine Program: “ABC7 Stories that Matter” – Rebecca McDevitt, Jay Korff
                  • Overall Excellence: Dan Mellon, General Manager
                  • Anchor News: “Elias Composite” – Elias Composite
                  • Reporter Live: “Ice, Snow, Wind, Fire & Football” – Jay Korff
                  • Reporter Political: “Campaign 2016: On the Trail” – Scott Thuman
                  • Photography within 24 hours: “Through a Photographers Lens Take 2” – Dwayne Myers
                  • Photography: ” A Year of Photography at WJLA” – Kevin Drennen
                  • Writer News: “A Place of Honor and Healing” – Jay Korff
                  • Writer News: “That’s Korff with 2 Fs” – Jay Korff

                  2017 Chesapeake AP Award

                  1st Place
                  • News Documentary: “Left Behind” – Jay Korff, Kevin Drennen
                  • Continuing Coverage: “Silver Spring Explosion” – Staff
                  • Outstanding Photography: Kevin Drennen
                  • VJ/One Man Band: Mike Carter-Conneen
                  • Best Reporter: Jay Korff

                  2017 National Headliner Award

                  • Public Service: “Fatal Butt Dial” – Chris Papst

                  2017 RTDNA Award

                  1st Place
                  • Overall Excellence: WJLA-TV: All Staff, Mitch Jacob
                  • Excellence in Sound: “Tuba Man” – Kevin Drennen
                  • News Documentary: “Left Behind” – Jay Korff, Kevin Drennen
                  • News Series: “Butt Dial Death” – Chris Papst
                  • Excellence in Video – Kevin Drennen
                  • Newscast: “Election Day Arrives” – Election Day Arrives

                  2016 (CAPBA Awards) Chesapeake AP Broadcast Association Award

                  Outstanding Coverage of a Continuing Story
                  Outstanding Feature or Human Interest Story
                  Best Reporter
                  Outstanding News Operation
                  • WJLA-TV, Washington – Mitch Jacob, Joe DeFeo, Gregg Micklos, Holly Shannon, Kelly Lamp, Lauren Stauffer, Shon Hawkins, and Dan Mellon

                  2016 EMMY Awards

                  Overall Excellence Politics/Government Program Special
                  •  “Your Voice, Your Future: America State of Affairs” – Michael Jaffe, Joe DeFeo, Scott Thuman, Alan Siskin
                  Business/Consumer Program Special
                  • “7 On Your Side” –  Holly Shannon, Rebecca McDevitt, Horace Holmes, Kimberly Suiters, Chris Papst, Rigel Moranchel, James Joslyn, and Dale Wright
                  • “That’s Korff with two Fs” – Jay Korff
                  Continuing Coverage Within 24 Hours
                  • “The Baltimore Riots: A City Under Siege”  –  Jay Korff, Lauren Stauffer, Simon Middleton, Andrea Nejman, Martin Doane, Jennifer Blye, Leon Harris, Horace Holmes, John Gonzalez, Michael Rudd, AnnaMaria Di Pietro, Joe DeFeo, Travis Washington, Chanelle Oliver, Ashley Billings, Alison Starling, Jessica Glasser, Rebecca McDevitt, Brad Bell, Kellye Lynn, Michael Jaffe, Richard Martin, Mitch Jacob, and Donna Harris
                  Continuing Coverage Within 24 Hours
                  • “The Baltimore Riots: A City Under Siege:  – Jay Korff, Van Applegate, Rebecca McDevitt, Jonathan Elias, Vince Brando, Richard Martin, Mason Herndon, Crystal Wimberley, and Isam Daho
                  Sports/ Single Story/ News Series
                  • “200 Miles for 200 Children ” – Jay Korff, Dwayne Meyers
                  Health Science/ Single News Story
                  • “The Surprise” – Jay Korff, Tim Guidry
                  Politics/Government News Series No Limit
                  • “The Immigration Crisis Close-up” –  Scott Thuman

                  Best Transportation/Traffic Reporter

                  • “Julie Wright Traffic & Fun” –  Julie Wright

                  Best Political Reporter

                  • “Politics & Terror”  –  Scott Thuman

                  Best Live Reporter

                  • “Jay Korff Live Compilation” –   Jay Korff

                  Newscast/Weekend/Larger Market

                  • “Baltimore Boils Over” – Brett Holton, Lauren Harshman, Richard Reeve, Christopher Durden, Kellye Lynn, Kimberly Suiters, LeRita Reid, and Donna Harris

                  Newscast/Evening/Larger Market

                  • “ABC7 News at 11pm: Baltimore Riots” – Lauren Stauffer, Andrea Nejman, and George Williams II

                  Newscast/Evening/Larger Market

                  • “ABC7 News at 11pm: Baltimore Riots” – Lauren Stauffer, Andrea Nejman, and George Williams II

                  ABC7 News at 11pm

                  • ” Philadelphia” – Lauren Stauffer, Andrea Nejman, Leon Harris, Jay Korff, and Brad Bell

                  2016 National Murrow Award

                  Best Breaking News

                  • “Baltimore Riots: A City Under Siege”  – WJLA News Staff

                  Best News Documentary

                  • “Diverted: TWA 514” – WJLA News Staff

                  Best Hard News Reporting

                  • “The Great Escape” – WJLA News Staff

                  Best Sports Reporting

                  • “Training for the Tahoe 200” – WJLA News Staff

                  Best Writing

                  • “200 Miles for 200 Children” – WJLA News Staff

                  West Palm Beach, FL – WPEC

                  2017 Patriotic Employer Awards

                  • Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve: CBS12 News Director – Adam Henning

                  2017 Associated Press Awards

                  1st Place
                  • Breaking News – Long Format: “Hurricane Matthew: Stuart Coverage” – Michael Buczyner, Wally Lurz
                  • Digital Programming: Reporter, Photojournalist, Producer – Matt Lincoln, Jason Probel and Wallace Zaccagnino
                  • Feature – Light News: “Prison Break” – Israel Balderas, Wally Lurz
                  2nd Place
                  • Breaking News – Station: “Hurricane Matthew” – ND and Staff
                  • Feature – Cultural/Historical: “Illegal Ivory” – Shantel Middleton, Jamil Donith, Wally Lurz
                  • Editor: WPEC-TV – Wally Lurz

                  2017 Telly Awards

                  • Geo-Eco Friendly: “Algae Linked to Alzheimer’s” – “Algae Linked to Alzheimer’s”
                  • Live Events: “Hurricane Matthew: Stuart Covrage” – Michael Buczyner, Wally Lurz
                  • Miscellaneous: “Is Time Travel Possible?” – Gary Widom, Wally Lurz
                  • News Feature: “Flakka: The $5 Insanity Drug” – Lauren Hills, Chris Mills

                  2016 Suncoast Regional Emmy Awards

                  • General Assignment Report within 24 hours – “Flakka: $5 High” – Chris Mills, Lauren Hills
                  • Action News – Overall  Excellence
                  • News Excellence
                  Community Service
                  • “Your Voice Your Future”
                  • “You’ve Gotta Be Kidding”  Editorials – Isreal Baldares
                  • Talent Reporter General Assignment – Greg Angel

                  2016 Associate Press Awards

                  1st Place
                  • Weather Reporting: “Severe Weather Coverage” – Veronica Vela, Mike McCormick, Carl Pugliese
                  • General Assignment:  “Flakka” – Chris Mills, Lauren Hills
                  • Public Affairs: “Town Hall – Race Relations” – Maria Tomasch, Carl Pugliese, Mike McCormick

                  Yakima, WA – KIMA / KEPR

                  2016 Society of Professional Journalist Northwest

                  1st Place
                  • Live Breaking News Coverage: “Suspect survives confrontation with SWAT” – Crystal Bui
                  2nd Place
                  • Live Breaking News Coverage: “Roosevelt fire has entrants on edge” – Kathleen Jacobs
                  3rd Place
                  • Sports Reporting: “Graff Strong, Getting Stronger” – Vincent Sapienza
                  • Live Breaking News Coverage: “Four in custoday after Yakima standoff” – Bridget Chapman

                  2015 Tri-City Herald People’s Choice Awards

                  1st place – News Anchor
                  • Terry Chick
                  1st place – Sportscaster
                  • Vince Sapienza
                  3rd place -News Anchor
                  • Annie Andrews
                  Favorite Weathercaster – 2nd place
                  • Mike McCabe
                  3rd place
                  • Jay Frank
                  Favorite Sportscaster – 3rd place
                  • Morgan Vance