Why Work Here

We Do it First

Sinclair has been known in the industry as a Pioneer beginning with being one of the first UHF stations in the country. We have dared to change the face of the industry while others follow in our footsteps. We are not afraid to take risks. Originally a one-station operation over 30 years ago, Sinclair has strived to become the most diversified broadcasting company in the nation, programming 173 stations located in 81 geographically diverse markets. Today, Sinclair can proudly say it has revolutionized the television industry and has led the way in developing Television Duopolies and retransmission agreements. While Sinclair also believes that our employees are the most important asset we have – we were the first to develop an aggressive commission structure for our sales force.
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open door policy

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. strongly believes in maintaining the highest ethical standards and good communication at all levels of the organization. It has been the long-standing policy and tradition of the Company to encourage all employees to share information, ideas, suggestions, problems, and questions. We listen to our employees and give each employee the opportunity to speak with anyone in the Company right up to the President. Not many companies our size affords employees this opportunity.

internal promotion

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. recognizes the benefit of developmental experiences and encourages employees to talk with their supervisors about their career plans. Supervisors are encouraged to support employees’ efforts to gain experience and advance within the organization. Upward mobility provides growth for employees and qualified personnel for the Company. Through its internal recruiting process, the Internal Job Application Program informs employees of job openings so that qualified employees will have the opportunity to apply and perform at the highest level for which they are capable and qualified.


Our success is the result of extraordinary employees and an exemplary management team who believe in a vision and are dedicated to making Sinclair a communications powerhouse. Now a publicly owned company, we have strong roots as a family-run enterprise with a strong sense of history, and have successfully blended our family culture into the operation of a sleek, efficient corporation. The loyalty of our employees, along with a strong desire to succeed, has allowed Sinclair to rise to its position as the innovative leader of today’s broadcasting world. To ensure a great future, Sinclair continues to believe each of our stations is an important aspect of the communities in which they are located. We promote our stations as a whole and our employees as individuals to participate in an assortment of local programs. Our news teams continue to win numerous awards for raising community awareness and continuing involvement in a number of outreach programs. Sinclair employees, our most valued asset, are an important part of the communities we serve and are active members of many charitable organizations.