Kalamazoo-Grand Rapids, MI – WWMT

2021 Michigan Association of Broadcasters 

1st Place
  • Best Photojournalist- Pat Hagan
2nd Place
  • Continuing Coverage “Kalamazoo Protests”- News Team
  • Media Organization of the Year “State of Mind Mental Health Initiative”- News Team

2020 Regional EMMYs 

  • Feature News Report- Light Feature “Jim and the Model T Ford”- Jason Heeres 
  • Feature News Report- Serious Feature “Michigan State Trooper Recovery”- Rachel Glaser

2020 Michigan Center for Youth Justice

  • Youth Justice Award “Lakeside Academy – Impact Reporting”- Mike Krafcik

2020 National Alliance on Mental Illness (Michigan Chapter)

  • Media Award “State of Mind” -Rachel Glaser, Andrew Feather, Mike Krafcik, & Matt Loughrin

2020 Michigan Association of Broadcasters 

  • Anchor- Lora Painter
  • Reporter- Mikenzie Frost
  • Mini Documentary/Series “State of Mind”-Rachel Glaser, Andrew Feather, Mike Krafcik, & Matt Loughrin
  • Anchor- Erica Mokay

2019 Michigan Association of Broadcasters

  • Best Weathercast- Keith Thompson
  • Best News Reporter- Rachel Glaser

2019 Associated Press Media Editors

  • Best News Feature Story “Signing Nurse”- Jake Berent
  • Best Use of Photography- Jason Heeres
  • Best Continuing Coverage “PFAS in Parchment”- WWMT News Staff
  • Best Sports Feature Story “Blind Bowler”- Andy Pepper
  • Best Documentary “Suicide Crisis: Breaking the Silence”- Andy Dominianni & Erin Flynn