Austin, TX – KEYE

2020 Regional Murrow Awards

  • Feature Reporting “Game On”- Walt Maciborski and Mario Pena

2020 National Association of Real Estate Editors Awards


  • Best Audio Report: Broadcast or Online “Want to sell your house for cash? Watch this.”- Melanie Torre and Mario Pena

2020 State of Texas: Barbara Jordan Awards


  • Broadcast Feature “Game On”- Walt Maciborski and Mario Pena

2020 Austin Alliance for Women in Media


  • Television Personality of the Year- Lorena Placencia

2020 Texas Associated Press Broadcasters


  • Morning Newscast “Death of Heidi Broussard”- Jordan Early, Kevin Allen, and Melanie Barden
  • Best Sportscast “Remembering Longhorn Legend Cedric Benson”- Jeff Barker and Anthony Geronimo
  • Sports Special “A Spoonful of Sugar: 2019 TX-Georgia Sugar Bowl”- CBS Austin Sports Team
  • Light Feature “Game On”- Walt Maciborski and Mario Pena

2019 Texas Associated Press Awards


  • Weathercast: “Central Texas Winter Storm” – Avery Tomasco 
  • News Anchor Team: Walt Maciborski & Hema Mullur 
  • Sports Anchor: Bob Ballou 
  • Sports Special: “CBS Austin Sports Sunday” – Bob Ballou, Jeff Barker, Ant Geronimo 

2019 Austin Alliance for Women in Media

  • Journalist of the Year: Jordan Bontke, Reporter 
  • Television Personality of the Year: Lorena Placencia, Anchor 

2018 Lone Star Emmy Awards

  • Best Evening Newscast: “Austin Bomber Caught” – Katie Kreider, Producer
  • Societal Concerns: “Untraceable” – Walt Maciborski, Brian Bell
  • Arts/Entertainment: “Austin After Hours” – Taylor Ellison, Anne Nicholson, Budro Partida, Amy Villarreal

2018 Texas AP Broadcasters Awards

  • Weathercast: “Tracking Harvey” – Chikage Windler, Anchor
  • Deadline Editing, General News: “Living Small” – Bettie Cross, Brian Bell
  • Daytime Newscast: “Lawmakers Ambushed” – Katie Kreider, Producer
  • News Anchor or Anchor Team: Chris Saldana
  • Deadline Editing, General News: “Organized Chaos” – Melanie Torre, Brian Bell
  • Spot Story – Individual: “That’s What Neighbors Are For” – Courtney Schoenemann, German Cortez
  • Commentary – Editorial: “What Ballou Me Away” – Bob Ballou, Anchor
  • Sports Story: “Copeland Strong” – Bob Ballou, Anthony Geronimo
  • Reporter: “There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Natural Sound” – Bettie Cross, Reporter