Washington, DC – WJLA

2021 Regional Murrow Awards

  • Large Market Television Station: Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion “ABC7 News: Covering Race & Inequality in the COVID19 Age”- Staff
  • Large Market Television Station: Excellence in Innovation “Bill Kelly’s Backyard Innovations”- Staff
  • Large Market Television Station: Excellence in Sound “The Mural March”- Staff
  • Large Market Television Station: Excellence in Writing “Jay Korff Composite”- Staff
  • Large Market Television Station: Feature Reporting “The Reunion”- Staff
  • Large Market Television Station: Sports Reporting “Sharing the Miles”- Staff

2020 Regional EMMY Awards 

  • Newscasts: Evening “Officers Under Fire”- Michael Jaffe, Alexander Spearman, Eric Guanajuato, Jonathan Elias, Nancy Chen, & Anna-Lysa Gayle
  • General Assignment Report “Whitaker’s Bumblebee Birthday Surprise”- Jay Korff & Ryan Eskalis
  • Feature News Report: Serious Series “The Notorious Speed Camera”- Joshua Harrington, Lisa Fletcher, & Rigel Moranchel
  • Health/Science: No Time Limit “Cancer Betrayal”- Jay Korff & Ryan Eskalis
  • Military “Military Caregivers”- Alison Starling
  • Religion: Program/Special “The 50 Year Secret”- Jay Korff, Ernie Isgro, & Ryan Eskalis
  • Sports: News Single Stories/News Series “The Golfers”- Jay Korff & Ryan Eskalis
  • Interview/Discussion “The Mother Side: Episode 7”- Kyle Ridley & Eileen Whelan
  • Overall Excellence “WJLA-AABC7 News”- Michael Miller
  • Anchor: News “Elias Anchoring Field/Desk”- Jonathan Elias
  • Anchor: Weather “Bill Kelly: Weather Montage”- Bill Kelly
  • Historic/Cultural “Inside Your World: Hoduras”- Jonathan Elias, Lisa Lisko, Devon Smith, & Max McClellan
  • Health/Science “Spotlight on America: Health Care Workers Under Attack”- Joce Sterman, Alex Brauer, & Max McClellan
  • Video Journalist: No Time Limit “Old Man One Man Band Strikes Again”- Jay Korff

2020 Regional Murrow Awards 

  • Excellence in Social Media “Social Media”- Digital Team
  • News Series “Uber/Lyft Surges”- WJLA/Sam Sweeney

2020 The National Press Club Ann Cottrell Free Animal Reporting Award

  • Broadcast: WJLA-TV “ABC 7 News”- Scott Taylor

2020 The National Association of Black Journalists Award

1st Place

  • Television: Top 15 Markets – Public Affairs Program “Project 1619: First African Landing”- Sam Ford and Josh Harrington

2020 Associated Press 

1st Place
  • Outstanding Enterprise Reporting “Secret Classroom Recording”- Scott Taylor
  • Outstanding Website “WJLA.com”- WJLA Digital Team
  • Best TV Anchor – Jonathan Elias
  • Outstanding Photography- Ryan Eskalis
2nd Place
  • Video Journalist/MMJ- Jay Korff
  • Outstanding Sports Feature “The Golfers”- Jay Korff & Ryan Eskalis
  • Best TV Anchor- Alison Starling
  • Outstanding Public Affairs “The Notorious Speed Camera”- Lisa Fletcher, Josh Harrington, and Rigel Moranchel

    2020 National Press Club 

    Honorable Mention

    • Ann Cottrell Free Animal Reporting: “7 On Your Side” – Scott Taylor

    2019 National Press Club 

    Honorable Mention
    • Ann Cottrell Free Animal Reporting: “7 On Your Side” – Scott Taylor

    2019 Humane Society of the US

    • Genesis Awards: “Outstanding Local News Series” – Scott Taylor, Jim Joslyn, April Chunko, Morgan Gilliam, Holly Shannon 

    2019 Regional Emmy Award

    • Newscast Daytime Larger Market: “ABC7 News at 5 – Explosives in the Mail” – Michael Jaffe, Producer
    • Continuing Coverage Within 24 Hours: “Capital Gazette Shooting” – Michelle Marsh, Lauren Stauffer, Frank Becker, Martin Doane, Dale Wright, Lindsey Mastis, Ryan Sprouse, Alison Starling, Michelle Richardson and Ashley Arnold
    • Chesapeake Heritage News Feature: “The Long Road Home” – Jay Korff and Douglas Graham
    • Business/Consumer Within 24 Hours: “$455 Frustration”
    • Historic/Cultural No Time Limit: “Chernobyl – A Ghost City Three Decades Later” – Sam Sweeney 
    • Sports News Single Story: “Radical Racers” – Jay Korff and Edward Coker
    • Overall Excellence: “ABC7 News” – Dan Mellon
    • Reporter Live: “Drew Wilder – Live Reporting Composite” – Drew Wilder 
    • Reporter Political: “Scott Thuman – Inside the Political Machine” – Scott Thuman
    • Video Journalist – No Time Limit: “Old Man One Man Band” – Jay Korff

    2019 Regional Murrow Awards

    • Overall Excellence: “WJLA/ABC7 News”
    • Newscast: “Capital Gazette Shooting” 
    • Breaking News: “Capital Gazette Shooting” 
    • Excellence in Video: “The Long Road Home” – Jay Korff, Doug Graham, Richard Chamberlain and Alex Brauer 

    2017 Regional Emmy Award

    1st place
    • Newscast Daytime: “Tornado Disaster: ABC7 4PM” 
    • Newscast Evening: “Silver Spring Explosion” – Lauren Stauffer, Andrea Nejman, Jonathan Elias, Anna-Lysa Gayle, Timothy Barber
    • GA Report within 24 hours: “Be the Light” – “Jay Korff, Dwayne Myers”
    • GA Report no time limit: “Cumberland at a Crossroads” – Jay Korff, Kevin Drennen
    • Continuing Cov. within 24 hrs: “Tordil Take Down” – Staff
    • Team Coverage: “Silver Spring Explosion” – Staff
    • Investigative Single Story: “Sudden Impact-Takata Airbag” – Lisa Fletcher, Dwayne Myers, Holly Shannon, Ron Mounts, Jeffrey Keene
    • News Special: “A Nations Story” – Rebecca McDevitt, staff
    • Arts & Entertainment Story: “Tuba Man” – Jay Korff, Kevin Drennen
    • Military Special: “Left Behind” – Jay Korff, Kevin Drennen
    • Politics/ Government: “Butt Dial Death” – Chris Papst
    • Magazine Program: “ABC7 Stories that Matter” – Rebecca McDevitt, Jay Korff
    • Overall Excellence: Dan Mellon, General Manager
    • Anchor News: “Elias Composite” – Elias Composite
    • Reporter Live: “Ice, Snow, Wind, Fire & Football” – Jay Korff
    • Reporter Political: “Campaign 2016: On the Trail” – Scott Thuman
    • Photography within 24 hours: “Through a Photographers Lens Take 2” – Dwayne Myers
    • Photography: ” A Year of Photography at WJLA” – Kevin Drennen
    • Writer News: “A Place of Honor and Healing” – Jay Korff
    • Writer News: “That’s Korff with 2 Fs” – Jay Korff

    2017 Chesapeake AP Award

    1st Place
    • News Documentary: “Left Behind” – Jay Korff, Kevin Drennen
    • Continuing Coverage: “Silver Spring Explosion” – Staff
    • Outstanding Photography: Kevin Drennen
    • VJ/One Man Band: Mike Carter-Conneen
    • Best Reporter: Jay Korff

    2017 National Headliner Award

    • Public Service: “Fatal Butt Dial” – Chris Papst

    2017 RTDNA Award

    1st Place
    • Overall Excellence: WJLA-TV: All Staff, Mitch Jacob
    • Excellence in Sound: “Tuba Man” – Kevin Drennen
    • News Documentary: “Left Behind” – Jay Korff, Kevin Drennen
    • News Series: “Butt Dial Death” – Chris Papst
    • Excellence in Video – Kevin Drennen
    • Newscast: “Election Day Arrives” – Election Day Arrives