Nashville, TN – WZTV

2020 Associated Press Awards 

1st Place

  • Serious News Story “Abandoned Because of An Extra Chromosome”- Kathleen Jacob & Alan Graves
  • Sports Feature “Olympic Dream”- Dennis Ferrier &  Ryan Booker

2nd Place

  • Long Light Feature “A Trip to Rugby”- Dennis Ferrier & Jason Wilson
  • Long Serious News Story “Chased by Bees” Dennis Ferrier & Ryan Brooker
  • TV Editing “Composite”- Jeremy Bryant
3rd Place
  • Long Serious News Story “Adam Braseel’s Nightmare”- Dennis Ferrier & Kyle Benton
  • Daytime Newscast “Car Chase & Morning Traffic Chaos”- Emily Muniz & Joe Rinaldi
  • Videography “Composite”- Ryan Brooker
  • Evening Newscast “Flooding in the Midstate” Stacey Springob, Sarah Shiverdecker & Bailey Cordes
  • Long Light Feature “Shock in High School Football Booth”- Alex Apple & Jason Wilson
  • Outstanding News Operation “News Operation”- Staff

2019 Associated Press Awards 

1st Place

  • Weather Anchor: Katy Morgan
  • TV Editing: “Composite” – Jason Wilson

2nd Place

  • Multimedia: – WZTV Staff 
  • Weather Coverage: “Winter Storm” – WZTV Staff 
  • Short Serious Feature: “Wedding Day DUI” – Dennis Ferrier & Ryan Brooker 
  • TV Enterprise: “Liquor by the Drink” – Dennis Ferrier & Kyle Benton

2019 Edward R. Murrow Regional Awards

  • Best Writing: “Love Forgiveness & Celebration” – Dennis Ferrier 

2019 NATAS

  • Best Newscast Weekend: “Church Shooting” – WZTV Newsroom

2018 Edward R. Murrow Regional Awards

  • Breaking News: “Antioch Church Shooting” – WZTV Newsroom

2018 Associated Press Awards

1st Place

  • TV Enterprise: “Lauren Agee Murder Mystery” – Dennis Ferrier & Kyle Benton
  • TV Weather Anchor: Meteorologist, Katy Morgan

2nd Place

  • Long Light Feature: “Mustard Seed Ranch” – Erika Kurre & Ryan Thornburg
  • Short Serious News Story: “An Accidental Shooting” – Dennis Ferrier & Ryan Booker
  • Sports Feature: “Summertown Baseball” – Dennis Ferrier & Stephen Van Schaack
  • Multimedia: “White Nationalists Come to Tennessee” – Digital Team
  • TV Evening Newscast: “Antioch Church Shooting” – Producers, Airielle Vincent & Sarah Shiverdecker

2018 Emmy Award

1st Place

  • Specialty Assignment Reporter: “The Ferrier Files” – Dennis Ferrier, Ryan Brooker, Jason Wilson, Sarin Belcher, Scott Simpson, Ryan Thornburg