Andrew H. Whiteside

President, Dielectric and General Manager, Acrodyne Technical Services

Andrew H. Whiteside has served as President of Dielectric, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group since January 2015, and prior to that, served as Vice President since June 2013. He has also served as General Manager of Acrodyne Technical Services, LLC, another wholly owned subsidiary of Sinclair, since 2009. Prior to joining Sinclair, Mr. Whiteside held the position of Vice President of Engineering at Acrodyne Industries as well as Vice President of Engineering for Thomson Broadcast, Inc. Mr. Whiteside graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree, with Honours, from the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London University. During his career he has led several design teams bringing advanced technology to the broadcast transmitter industry as well as authoring numerous papers and articles on transmitter technology.