Robert E. Smith


Robert E. Smith has served as a Director since 1986. He served as Vice President and Treasurer of Sinclair from 1988 to June 1998, at which time he resigned from his position as Vice President and Treasurer. In March 1997, Mr. Smith started RSMK LLC, a commercial real estate investment company. Prior to 1986, he assisted in the construction of several television stations including WTTE-TV in Columbus, Ohio and also worked for Comark Communications, Inc., a company engaged in the manufacture of high-power transmitters for UHF television stations. Mr. Smith serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Nextgen Foundation Charitable Trust, Gerstell Academy, Keyser Investment Group, Inc., Cunningham Communications, Inc., and Stages Music Arts, as well as partner of Gerstell Development LP, Beaver Dam LLC, and Laker Partners, LLC.