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The Point With Mark Hyman Wins Four Telly Awards

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BALTIMORE (April 9, 2007) - Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBGI) announced that "The Point," a daily commentary by Mark Hyman and aired on Sinclair's news stations, has been awarded four Telly Awards for excellence. Hyman previously received four Telly Awards in 2006 and three Telly Awards in 2005. "The Point" went on recess in November 2006 so that Mr. Hyman could assist the Company in tackling important strategic issues affecting the broadcast industry.

Receiving the Silver Telly, the highest award given, was the following commentary:

"Reuters Doctored Photograph" examined the recurring problem of news organizations manipulating photographs and/or publishing faked photographs without verifying authenticity, oftentimes creating a wildly false impression of events. A Reuters photograph of August 2006 bombing damage from an Israeli Air Force strike in Beirut, Lebanon had smoke digitally added to the image. A photograph displayed across the front page of the Los Angeles Time in April 2003 was actually an amalgamation of two different photos. In May 2004 and only days after the Abu Ghraib prison story broke, the Boston Globe published sexually explicit photographs purporting to show U.S. servicemen raping Iraqi women. The photographs were fakes and had actually come from a Hungarian pornographic website.
USA Today published a photograph in November 2005 that had the eyes of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice dramatically altered, giving her a demonic appearance.

Three commentaries received Bronze Telly awards as finalists:

"Break-Up the Ninth Court of Appeals" looked at the exceedingly large percentage of the U.S. Supreme Court caseload that comes from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. In the 2003 and 2004 Supreme Court sessions, 43 of the 160 cases argued before the high court came from just
the Ninth. The remaining 117 cases came from the other 12 circuits and all 50 state supreme courts. Thirty-four of the Ninth's 43 cases under review were overturned; 22 of them were overturned unanimously. Decisions by the Ninth were so flawed that all of the justices on the Supreme Court --
conservatives and liberals alike -- voted unanimously 22 times to overturn them.

"Navy Citgo Gas Stations" was an exclusive report that noted Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's anti-America comments and statements that Venezuela would likely support Iran in a military confrontation with the U.S. Navy Citgo Gas Stations pointed out the irony that the Venezuelan government- owned Citgo gas company has the contract to provide Citgo gas stations at dozens of Navy facilities nationwide. The commentary urged Navy officials to find a way to terminate the contract.

"Bubba and Osama" addressed statements former President Bill Clinton made to Fox News Sunday interviewer Chris Wallace in September 2006. Clinton's claim that he tried to capture or kill Osama bin Laden was not supported by the facts. Major terrorist attacks against Americans that occurred during his presidency were never pursued as terrorist incidents or were altogether dismissed. The commentary noted Clinton wrote only two paragraphs in his 1,000-page autobiography to efforts to hunt, capture or
kill bin Laden, while he instead devoted several pages to where he ate his meals while attending college.

Sharing in the award for "Navy Citgo Gas Stations" is Todd Stewart, Photographer for WBFF-TV Fox 45, who filmed the segment.

The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs, as well as the finest video and film productions. The Telly Awards is a widely known and highly respected national and international competition and receives over 13,000 entries annually.

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