Your Voice, Your Future

Date 2021






4-JanWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETElectoral College Count
7-JanBaltimore, MDWBFF7-8 PM ETCity in Crisis
10-JanSeattle, WAKOMO2-3 PM PTThe Fight for the Soul of Seattle
11-JanWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETBIG Tech
18-JanWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETJoe Biden Inauguration
25-JanWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETBiden’s 17 Executive Orders
27-JanCincinnati, OHWKRC12-12:30 PM ETA Shot Against COVID 19
28-JanHarrisburg, PAWHP2-3 PM ETCoronavirus: PA’s Path Forward
29-JanKalamazoo, MIWWMT5:30-6:30 PM ETBlack Voice Heard


1-FebWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETHuman Trafficking
4-FebPortland, ORKATU6-6:30 PM PTOregon Vaccine Rollout
8-FebWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETCOVID Update
15-FebWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ET74 Million Heard
16-FebBaltimore, MDWBFF7-8 PM ETGetting Kids Back to School
18-FebWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETFeeding the DMV
18-FebPortland, ORKATU6:30-7 PM PTCoronavirus: OR’s Path Forward
22-FebWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETA New America
25-FebPortland, ORKATU6:30-7 PM PTOregon Economic Impact & Recovery


1-MarWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETXL Pipeline
4-MarBaltimore, MDWBFF7-8 PM ETCity in Crisis
4-MarSan Antonio, TXWOAI7-8 PM ETVirtual Job Fair
8-MarWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETCongress Looking at Reparations
11-MarBaltimore, MDWBFF7-8 PM ESTProject Baltimore
12-MarBoise, IDKBOI5:30-6 PM MTCOVID 19 
15-MarWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETGov Cuomo’s Education and Pandemic Record
16-MarBoise, IDKBOI5:30-6 PM MTPolicing Our Growing Communities
18-MarFresno, CAKMPH6-7 PM PTHigh School Sports in the Valley
18-MarColumbus, OHWSYX7-7:30 PM ETSurviving The Shutdown
22-MarWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETSuicide Prevention and Student Debt
23-MarNASHVILLE, TNWZTV7-8 PM CTPandemic One Year Later
24-MarFlint, MIWEYI7-8 PM ETFlint Water Crisis
25-MarAsheville, NCWLOS7-7:30 PM ETOne Year Anniversary of COVID19 Pandemic
29-MarWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETWhat is Racism
30-MarCHARLESTON, SCWCIV**7-8 PM ETWorking For You


3-AprGreen Bay, WIWLUK7-8 PM ETCandidates Roundtable for State Supt of Schools Race
5-AprWashington, DCWJLA – Armstrong7-8 PM ETJuvenile Offenders
6-AprLynchburg, VAWSET7-8 PM ETVirginia Gubernatorial Debate
9-AprSyracuse, NYWSTM7:30-8:30 PM ETMental Health of our Scholl Students**National**
12-AprWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETBreaking Down Government Spending
13-AprProvidence, RIWJAR7-8 PM ETAsk The Governor
16-AprLas VEGAS, NVKSNV7-7:30 PM PTSouthern Nevada Housing
19-AprWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETEducation Crisis
26-AprWashington, DCWJLA7-8 p.m. ETTrue Impact of the Virus
27-AprWest Palm Beach, FLWPEC7-8 PM ETCBS 12 Investigates
28-AprOklahoma City, OKKOKH3-4 PM CTYVYF: Vaccinating Oklahoma
29-AprBoise, IDKBOI5:30-6 PM MTThe Quiet Killer


3-MayWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETThe New Racism – White American are the Target
5-MayWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETVirginia Attorney General Debate
5-MayBristol, VAWCYB7-8 PM ETVirginia Gubernatorial Debate
7-MayKalamazoo, MIWWMT5:30-6 PM ETBlack Voices Town Hall: How to be an Ally
10-MayWashington, DCWJLA7-8 p.m. ETWill Marijuana Make or Break America
14-MayWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETVirginia Attorney General Debate
17-MayWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETThe Tale of Two Black Americas
18-MayAlbany, NYWRGB7-7:30 PM ETThe Hidden Crisis: Nursing Home COVID Deaths
19-MayAsheville, NCWLOS7-7:30 PM ETDeadlier Than Fire
20-MayPortland, MEWGME7-7:30 PM ETMaine’s Housing Crisis
20-MayBaltimore, MDWBFF7-8 PM ETThe Path Forward: COVID 19 TH
24-MayWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETCancel Culture
25-MayWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETVirginia LT Governor Debate
25-MayLittle Rock, ARKATV7-8 PM ET2021 Legislature: One to Remember
27-MayChattanooga, TNWTVC7-8 PM ETChanging Chattanooga
29-MayWest Palm Beach, FLWPEC7-7:30 PM ETHurricane 21
31-MayWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETEducation Crisis in Baltimore


1-JunSan Antonio, TXKABB7-8 PM CTDistrict 2 Runoff Debate
1-JunWest Palm Beach, FLWPEC7-7:30 PM ETEye On The Storm
5-JunPensacola, FLWEAR7-8 PM CTStorm Watch 2021
7-JunWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETCritical Race Thinking
8-JunAustin, TXKEYE7-8 PM CTA Look Back at the ’21 Texas Legislature
9-JunHarrisburg, PAWHP2-3 PM ETCoronavirus: PA’s Path Forward
10-JunColumbus, OHWSYX7-8 p.m. ET
14-JunWashington, DCWJLA7-8 p.m. ESTImpact of Alcoholism on Americans
15-JunBaltimore, MDWBFF6-7 PM ETCity in Crisis – Fells Point
17-JunRochester, NYWHAM7-8 PM ETCity On Edge
19-JunSalt Lake City, UTKUTV10-11 AM MTThe EPIDEMIC After a Pandemic
21-JunWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETWhen Will the Economy Come Back
23-JunTulsa, OKKTUL6-7 PM CTTulsa – The Next 100 Years
24-JunWest Palm Beach, FLWPEC7-8 PM ETThrough A Black Lens
28-JunWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETWoman and Power
29-JunWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETAddicted in America


5-JulWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETWoman and Power
12-JulWashington, DCWJLA7-8 p.m. ESTBill Cosby – Me Too 
13-JulBaltimore, MDWBFF6-7 PM ETCity in Crisis -Park Heights
14-JulColumbus, OHWSYX7-8 PM ETVoices of Change
18-JulWest Palm Beach, FLWPEC6-7am ETSchool Integration
19-JulWashington, DCWJLA  7-8PM ETDiplomacy, China
26-JulWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETViolence in Baltimore*
26-JulNASHVILLE, TNWZTV7-8 PM ETCritical Race Theory & our Schools
26-JulEl Paso, TXKFOX1-1:30 PM MTReopening Schools: Student Safety
27-JulBaltimore, MDWBFF8-9 PM ETCity in Crisis – Federal Hill
28-JulMyrtle Beach, SCWPDE8-8:30 PM ET2021 Hurricane Season: Preparing for the Peak


2-AugWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETOlympics
3-AugSan Antonio, TXWOAI3-4 PM CTCareer Connections
4-AugAlbany, NYWRGB7-7:30 PM ETThe Hidden Crisis: Nursing Home COVID Deaths
9-AugWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ET
10-AugSpringfield, ILWRSP5:30-6 PM CTBack to School
10-AugCedar Rapids, IAKGAN6-7 PM CTIowa Derecho: Path to Recovery
16-AugWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ET
17-AugBaltimore, MDWBFF8-9 PM ETCity in Crisis – Armistead Gardens
17-AugSeattle, WAKOMO8-9 PM ET
23-AugWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ET
23-AugLittle Rock, ARKATV7-8:30 PM CTDemocratic Gubernatorial Debate on Education
24-AugWashington, DCWJLA7-8:30 PM CT
26-AugGreen Bay, WIWLUK7-8 PM CTBack to School
26-AugLittle Rock, ARKATV7-8:30 PM CTRepublican Gubernatorial Debate on Education
30-AugWashington, DCWJLA7-8 PM ETViolence in Baltimore*


2-SepSalt Lake City, UTKUTV 
7-SepBoise, IDKBOI
7-SepMacon, GAWGXA
8-SepColumbia, SCWACH
9-SepCharleston, WVWCHS
9-SepLincoln, NEWSBT
9-SepBaltimore, MDWBFF7-8 PM ETCity in Crisis – Roland Park
13-SepWashington, DCWJLA
14-SepSteubenville, OHWTOV
16-SepColumbus, OHWSYX
20-SepWashington, DCWJLA
21-SepBaltimore, MDWBFF7-8 p.m. ESTCity in CRISIS – Broadway East
22-SepWest Palm Beach, FLWPEC
23-SepFresno, CAKMPH
23-SepAsheville, NCWLOS
27-SepWashington, DCWJLA
28-SepDayton, OHWKEF
30-SepJohnstown, PAWJAC
30-SepPortland, ORKATU


4-OctWashington, DCWJLA7-8 p.m. EST
5-OctBirmingham, ALWBMA
5-OctBaltimore, MDWBFF8-9 PM ETCity in Crisis – Cherry Hill
7-OctFlint, MIWEYI
7-OctAustin, TXKEYE
11-OctWashington, DCWJLA
12-OctHarrisburg, PAWHP7-8 p.m. EST
12-OctSeattle, WAKOMO
14-OctChattanooga, TNWTVC
14-OctBeaumont, TXKFDM
14-OctTulsa, OKKTUL
18-OctWashington, DCWJLA
19-OctAlbany, NYWRGB
19-OctBaltimore, MDWBFF8-9 PM ETCity in Crisis – Harlem Park
19-OctProvidence, RIWJAR
21-OctPortland, MEWGME
25-OctWashington, DCWJLA7-8 p.m. EST
26-OctWashington, DCWJLA7-8 p.m. EST
28-OctMobile, ALWPMI
29-OctWest Palm Beach, FLWPEC


1-NovWashington, DCWJLA7-8 p.m. EST
2-NovBaltimore, MDWBFF8-9 PM ET City in Crisis – Cross Country
4-NovSyracuse, NYWSTM
4-NovSan Antonio, TXKABB
8-NovWashington, DCWJLA
9-NovKalamazoo, MIWWMT
9-NovLynchburg, VAWSET
11-NovCincinnati, OhioWKRC
11-NovOklahoma City, OKKOCB
15-NovWashington, DCWJLA
16-NovMyrtle Beach, SCWPDE
16-NovBaltimore, MDWBFF8-9 PM ETCity in Crisis – Hamilton Hills
18-NovLittle Rock, ARKATV
18-NovReno, NVKRNV
22-NovWashington, DCWJLA
23-NovWashington, DCWJLA
29-NovWashington, DCWJLA
30-NovGreen Bay, WIWLUK


2-DecColumbus, OHWSYX
6-DecWashington, DCWJLA7-8 p.m. EST
7-DecRochester, NYWHAM
7-DecSalt Lake City, UTKUTV
7-DecBaltimore, MDWBFF8-9 PM ETCity in Crisis – Reservoir Hill
9-DecAsheville, NCWLOS
10-DecWest Palm Beach, FLWPEC
13-DecWashington, DCWJLA
16-DecCharleston, SCWCIV
16-DecSeattle, WAKOMO
20-DecWashington, DCWJLA
21-DecWashington, DCWJLA7-8 p.m. EST