Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor (“ROH”) is a professional wrestling company whose brand is synonymous with “best-in-ring” action and is known for its athleticism and professional wrestling style, while providing fans an entertaining, hard hitting performance.

Ring of Honor produces weekly, original 1-hour television wrestling programs and is the only wrestling promotion in the United States with a major, multi-market presence on broadcast TV. Ring of Honor is also syndicated on select TV stations and regional Cable Systems. ROH weekly shows are also made available world-wide at rohwrestling.com. In addition, ROH performs many live events each year in various cities.

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Ring of Honor Wrestling Entertainment LLC

2000 West 41st Street
Baltimore, MD 21211


P: 410.662.1449
F: 410.662.1450


Joe Koff

Chief Operating Officer

P :410.568.1500