Private Equity Investments:
  • Access FLS Co-Investment LP
  • Access Foundation Partners Group II, LLC
  • Access Holdings Fund I LP
  • Access Holdings Fund II LP
  • Access Holdings (FPG) L.P 
  • Access Marina Co-investment, LLC
  • Access Pet Co-Investment LP 
  • Access Pet Co-Investment II LP 
  • MSI InvestCo, LLC
  • Paragon Partners 2
  • Paragon Partners Ltd
  • Patriot Capital II, LP
  • Patriot Capital III, LP
  • Resolve Growth Partners
  • Stepstone VC Opportunities
  • TNS Splitter II, LLC
  • Access Holdings Endurance GP L.P.
Strategic Venture Capital:
  • Progress Ventures Fund 4, L.P.
  • Sapphire Sport GPE I.LLC Media and Sports
  • Sapphire Sport Parallel Fund II, L.P. Media and Sports
  • Sapphire Sport II L.P. – V/C Media and Sports
  • Seventy Six Capital Fund II
  • Venture Reality Fund II, L.P.
  • VR Fund, L.P.