Local news is the backbone of Sinclair. With more than 3,500 journalists in 60+ newsrooms producing more than 2,400+ hours of news per week, Sinclair’s teams are dedicated to alerting, protecting and empowering its audiences.

In 2022, Sinclair’s reporting was honored with 290 local and national awards and 2000+ awards over the last 6 years, inspiring its communities to help improve lives, create safer schools, protect the most vulnerable and expose crime and corruption.​

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We believe Sinclair’s people are our most important asset. Our teams make the critical difference in how we perform and their skills, talents and determination separate us from our competitors. We also believe people can achieve their full potential when they enjoy their work, so it is a priority to provide a workplace where professional growth, success and advancement go hand-in-hand.

Sinclair has been known in the industry as a pioneer, beginning with being one of the first UHF stations in the country. We have dared to change the face of the industry. We are not afraid to take risks. Originally a one-station operation over 30 years ago, we are one of the most diversified television broadcasting companies in the nation. We can proudly say we have revolutionized the television industry.
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