Sinclair’s Long Form Sales Division is designed to provide a one-stop solution to paid programming across all Sinclair television stations. Every day, Sinclair works with hundreds of long form programmers across the country. We are experts in 1/2 hour or longer program length content that sells, inspires or informs our viewers.

With a 1/2 hour program, viewers can learn your company’s story; they can see how a need is fulfilled through product demonstration or witness genuine client testimonials. In this day of short, headline messages and media clutter, a program length ad puts your company in the spotlight like no other media to develop a lasting connection with the viewer.

Our clients range from the latest infomercial product marketers and national religious ministries to individual car dealers and local outdoors shows. With our centralized operations you can arrange for airtime across any or all of our television stations. We help simplify distribution of your program and payment. We can help you take your product or service to market quicker across the entire platform of Sinclair stations.

If you are entering program length advertising for the first time, Sinclair has the full toolbox to help you succeed, from show creation and production to distribution.
Todd Cralley

Vice President, Long Form