Joseph A. Koff

Vice President, Training and Development, Chief Operating Officer of Ring of Honor Wrestling Entertainment, LLC

Joseph A. Koff has served as Vice President / Training and Development, since November 2013, served as Chief Operating Officer of Sinclair’s wrestling franchise since 2011, and overseen Sinclair University, the Company’s in-house sales training program that he created, since 2010. Prior to that and from 2006, he was a Group Manager overseeing multiple Sinclair television markets. From 2003 through 2006, Mr. Koff headed Sinclair’s in-house direct mail initiative, which at its peak, produced over 6 million pieces a month. From 1998 to 2003, Mr. Koff served in various management roles at Muzak and its largest franchise owner, Audio Communications, where he was President and CEO. During his television broadcasting career, Mr. Koff has served as General Manager, General Sales Manager, National Sales Manager, Local Sales Manager and account executive for various stations, including some which are now owned by Sinclair. Mr. Koff graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from the University of Miami, Florida and has a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a specialty in Leadership from the University of Baltimore.