Sinclair Kicks Off 2017-2018 High School Sports Season


BALTIMORE, Sept. 13, 2017 — Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBGI) (“Sinclair”) proudly begins another exciting season of high school sports coverage, including its popular series “Thursday Night Lights/Friday Night Rivals” and “High School Hoops.” Last season Sinclair aired 336 high school football games (over 1,000 hours), as well as 101 high school basketball games. These included state championship games in the Baltimore, MD; Washington, D.C.; Charleston, SC; Columbia, SC; Greenville, SC; Myrtle Beach, SC; Savannah, GA; Las Vegas, NV; Reno, NV; Nashville, TN; Chattanooga, TN; and Salt Lake City, UT television markets (over 202 hours).

“Through our live high school sports coverage and related student athlete scholarship partnerships, Sinclair continues a commitment to serve our communities with meaningful, local grass roots programming. We look forward to showcasing the student athletes as they pursue excellence both on the field and in the classroom,” said Stephen Mann, Corporate Director of High School Programming. “Sinclair has been supporting local sports for years. In fact, over the past five years we have added over 6,000 hours of local sports programming to our stations’ on-air, digital and social media platforms.”

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Praise From the Students and the Schools

“On behalf of the Clark County School District, students, parents and staff, let me say thank you for providing an opportunity for our student athletes to be recognized. You and your staff are to be commended for your commitment to the education of our young people.” -Ray Mathis, Executive Director of ISSA Clark County School District in Sinclair’s Las Vegas, NV market

“I really enjoyed the emphasis on the kids, the school system, the individual school and the Scholar Athlete of the Week. What great promotion for the Buncombe County Schools!”-Pat Bryant, Board Member for Buncombe County Schools in Sinclair’s Asheville, NC market

“Dear Sinclair Broadcast Group,
I was absolutely thrilled to receive the A+ Scholar Athlete Award and even more ecstatic when I received your generous check. It was an honor to be selected for this award and it will be put to good use as I head to Mississippi State in the fall. I appreciate all that you do for student athletes to help them achieve their goals.” -Savannah West, Scholar Athlete Winner in Sinclair’s Pensacola, FL market

“You’re really not thinking about the game being televised on the field, but in the big picture, it’s a great feeling to know everyone is watching you and they see you come out with a big win!”-Thomas Lee, Lineman at Bexley High School in Sinclair’s Columbus, Ohio market

In addition, Sinclair stations showcase the success stories of the student athletes.

“We are extremely pleased to find a partner in Sinclair that shares the values of education-based athletics that we uphold at the NCHSAA. We are excited for the new opportunities to highlight the great accomplishments of our student-athletes, schools and their communities through this new partnership.”-Que Tucker, Executive Director of the North Carolina High School League

Sinclair spends millions of dollars a year in promotion, production costs, and other commitments, including approximately $4 million annually to broadcast live, local high school sports. Sinclair expects to increase the overall number of hours of high school sports on its stations again this year and will bring that same commitment to the Tribune stations and markets, which it sees as a significant public interest benefit to the Transaction.

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Sinclair is one of the largest and most diversified television broadcasting companies in the country. Pro forma for the Tribune acquisition (before any related divestitures), the Company will own, operate and/or provide services to 233 television stations in 108 markets. The Company has multiple emerging networks as well as stations affiliated with all the major networks. Sinclair is a leading local news provider in the country and a producer of live sports content. Sinclair’s content is delivered via multiple-platforms, including over-the-air, multi-channel video program distributors, and digital platforms. The Company regularly uses its website as a key source of Company information which can be accessed at

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