TBD Network Celebrates Fifth Anniversary as Viewership Continues to Climb


“TBD Turns 5!” Marathon to Air March 4-6

Sinclair Broadcast Group’s TBD (To Be Discovered), a unique, free over-the-air, multicast network that highlights great content from TV and the web, will celebrate five years on-air this month.

Available in more than 97 million households, TBD, which was created to bring a fresh, youthful outlook to the over-the-air diginet landscape, has announced its programming plans to commemorate the occasion. On March 4-6, the network will air “TBD Turns 5! Celebration,” featuring marathons of the network’s most popular series Best of the Week, Best Fails of the Month, FailFactory, Animals Unscripted, Wipeout, and Fear Factor.

Since its launch in 2017, TBD has consistently grown its program offerings and viewership. The network became fully Nielsen rated in September 2020 and has increased viewership by 118% since that time. The channel is currently carried in 99 of the top 100 DMAs in the US, including the nation’s largest markets – New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Highlights from TBD’s programming mix include:

  • The exclusive TV home for several beloved web-first video creators including Devin Supertramp (6 million YouTube subscribers) and Crazy Russian Hacker (11 million YouTube subscribers) that each claim their own 30-minute series
  • Programming and series from top web video properties FailArmy and The Pet Collective (which combine for more than 100 million followers on social media)
  • Top licensed series such as Fear Factor and Wipeout, which bring established talent to the network like Joe Rogan (The Joe Rogan Experience, News Radio), John Henson (Talk Soup, My Name is Earl), and John Anderson (SportsCenter)
  • Fully original series TBD’s The Link, a half-hour series whose first season aired in 2021, and TBD Bytes, a series of hosted on-air vignettes which ran on the network from 2019-2021

“We’re incredibly proud of TBD’s success. The network was created with a mission to bring younger, fresher content to the multicast space with a bold mix of dynamic content featuring some of the best-known creators from the internet, mixed with television’s most snackable hit shows. TBD has established a unique and valuable place in the emerging network world, and the validation from consumers and advertisers has been exciting. We know this is just the beginning of things To Be Discovered,” said Scott Ehrlich, SVP, Growth Networks and Content, Sinclair Broadcast Group.

About TBD

Sinclair Broadcast Group’s TBD, which stands for “To Be Discovered,” is a unique, free over-the-air, multicast network that highlights great content from TV and the Internet, curated for people who love the type of videos that get shared across social media. TBD can be watched over the air, and on most cable, satellite, and streaming services. To find TBD in your local market, visit

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