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Welcome to ONE Media 3.0! We are at the forefront of creating and deploying a remarkable new “Next Generation” platform for the broadcast television ecosystem.

This wireless, “All-IP” (Internet Protocol)-based platform is designed to enhance over-the-air broadcasting dramatically, with a vast new set of ‘tools’ to provide multiple data services. The “NextGen” standard starts by delivering traditional, linear television programming with exceptional robustness. With SFNs (Single Frequency Networks), ‘gap fillers’ and related technologies, “NextGen” broadcast signals will provide better indoor reception. And for the first time, broadcast TV will be receivable by portable and mobile devices.

Simultaneously, the “NextGen” platform opens vast new opportunities to broadcasters by enabling non-television data distribution that leverages broadcasting’s enormously efficient one-to-many architecture, an architecture designed to be compatible and aligned with 5G technologies of the future.

Addressable features of the platform permit unique geographical “zoning” of programming, targeted advertising and data services, supporting expansion of entirely new services that broadcasters can offer including automotive services, Internet of Things (IoT) and vastly enhanced emergency information notifications.

ONE Media is working with international partners to create the first truly ‘global market’ for broadcasting. This is broadcasting as never before imagined.

One Media
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