Bristol, VA – WCYB

2021 Virginias Associated Press Broadcaster Awards

1st Place

  • Best Continuing News Coverage-Staff
  • Best Documentary/In-Depth News Coverage “Innoncence Lost: What Happened to Evelyn Boswell?”- Staff
  • Best TV Sportscaster “WCYB Sports Segments”- Heather Williams
2nd Place
  • Best Investigative Reporter “Carter Co. Commissioners Jump the COVID-19 Vaccination Line”- Caleb Perhne
  • Best Serious News Feature “2020 Pandemic Retrospective”- Caleb Perhne

2020 Association Press Tennessee Awards

1st Place

  • Best Daytime TV Newscast “Breaking Weather Flood Content”- Staff

2nd Place

  • Best Sports Feature “News 5 Overall Content”- Paul Johnson
3rd Place
  • Best Sports Feature “Ben Talley”- Paul Johnson
  • Best Spot News Coverage “Dale Jr. Plane Crash Coverage”- Staff
  • Best TV News Reporter “John Engel for Content Coverage”- John Engel
  • Best TV Enterprise Reporting “Kids Get Road Fixed”- Angelique Arintok
  • Best Long Serious News Story “Safe and Sound: School Safety”- Christy Calcagno

2019 Association Press Tennessee Awards

1st Place

  • Best TV Sportscaster: Heather Williams, Sports Anchor
2nd Place
  • Best TV News Anchor: News 5 at 6 PM/10 PM/11 PM – Paul Johnson, News Anchor 
  •  Best TV Spot News Coverage: “St. Paul Truck Crash & Rescue” – WCYB News Staff
  • Best TV Sports Feature: “Still Sterling” – Heather Williams, Sports Anchor 

2019 Association Press of the Virginias Awards

1st Place

  • Best Spot/Breaking News: News 5 at 10/11 PM & Facebook – WCYB staff  
  • Best News Anchor: News 5 at 6/10/11 PM – Paul Johnson, Anchor 

2nd Place

  • Best News Reporting: “Bristol Casino Proposal” – Paul Johnson, Reporter & Keith Roberts, Photographer 

2018 Tennessee Association Press Awards

1st Place
  • Best TV Evening Newscast: WCYB News Staff
  • Best TV News Anchor: Paul Johnson
2nd Place
  • Spot News Coverage: WCYB News Staff
  • Best Long Light Feature: “Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Profile” – Reporter, Paul Johnson

2018 Association Press of the Virginias Awards

1st Place

  • Outstanding News Operation of Virginias: “Overall News Content/Coverage” – WCYB News Staff (Keith Weiss, ND)

2nd Place

  • Best Newscast: “Eastman Chemical Explosion” –  Joey Barker, 5pm News Producer
  • Producer: “It’s Bristol, Baby!” Race Special” – Heather Williams, Show EP
  • Sports Feature:  “12-Year-Old Race Car Champion” – Heather Williams, Reporter

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Cincinnati, OH – WKRC

2021 Emmy Awards

1st Place
  • News-Serious Feature “Cockfighting: Cruel or Contaminated”- Duane Pohlman & Eric Frisbee
  • Politics/Government “Broken Systems”- Duane Pohlman & Eric Frisbee
  • Arts/Entertainment “Black and Brown Faces”- Kyle Inkeep & Bryan Dykes

2021 Ohio Society of Professional Journalist Awards

1st Place
  • Best Reporter-Duane Pohlman
  • Best Government Reporting “Broken Systems: Flaws in Laws”- Duane Pohlman & Eric Frisbee
2nd Place
  • Best Enterprise Reporting “Cockfighting: Cruel or Contam.”- Duane Pohlman & Eric Frisbee

2021 Cincinnati SPJ Chapter Awards

1st Place
  • Gerald White Award – Overall Excellence “Matt Mangine Jr.”- Stephanie Kuzydym & Eric Gerhardt
  • Overall Best Broadcast Reporter- Duane Pohlman
  • Best Investigative Reporting “Drifting Death”- Duane Pohlman & Eric Frisbee
  • Child/Youth/Teen Issues “From EAP’s to AED’s”- Stephanie Kuzydym & Eric Gerhardt
  • Best Government/Community Issues “Warrant for Concern”- Duane Pohlman & Eric Frisbee
  • Best Continuing Coverage or Series “Athletes at Risk”- Stephanie Kuzydym & Eric Gerhardt
  • Best Health/Medical Reporting “HBOT Therapy”- Duane Pohlman & Eric Frisbee

2021 Ohio Associated Press Awards

1st Place
  • Best Documentary/Series “Drifting Death?”- Duane Pohlman
  • Best Documentary/Series “Drifting Death?”- Eric Frisbee
  • Best Reporter- Duane Pohlman
2nd Place
  • Best Enterprise Reporting “Athletes at Risk?”- Stephanie Kuzydym
  • Best Enterprise Reporting “Athletes at Risk?”- Eric Gerhardt

2020 Regional Emmy Awards

  • Crime “Hidden Past”- Duane Pohlman
  • Investigative Report: Single Story “Failure to Protect Avery”- Duane Pohlman

2019 Regional Emmy Awards


  • Crime Reporting: “Selling Criminal Weapons” – Duane Pohlman and Eric Frisbee
  • Politics/Government Reporting: “Ohio’s Marijuana Mess” – Duane Pohlman
  • Promotion: “The Weather Authority” – Tim Fair

2019 Society of Professional Journalists Awards


  • Best Reporter: “Local 12 News” – Duane Pohlman 
  • Best Enterprise Reporting: “Local 12 News” – Duane Pohlman 
  • Best Environmental Reporting: “Local 12 News” – Duane Pohlman 
  • Best Criminal Justice Reporting: “Local 12 News” – Duane Pohlman 
  • Best Consumer Reporting: “Local 12 News” – Duane Pohlman 
  • Best Photographer: “Local 12 News” – Eric Frisbee 

2019 Ohio Associated Press


  • Best Reporter in a Large Market: Duane Pohlman

2019 National Headliner Award

  • Environmental Reporting: “Fernald: Radioactive Reality” – Duane Pohlman, Eric Frisbee

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Rochester, NY – WHAM

2021 Regional Murrow Awards

  • Small Market Television Station: Hard News “Dog Attack”- Staff

2021 RTDNA Awards

  • Small Market Television Station: Continuing Coverage “Daniel Prude Death Investigation”- Staff

2020 New York State Broadcasters Association Awards

1st Place

  • Spot News Coverage “13WHAM News”- Staff

2020 New York Associated Press Awards

1st Place

  • Best Newscast “13WHAM News at 6PM”- Staff

2020 Murrow Regional Awards

1st Place

  • Continuing Coverage “13WHAM News”- Staff

2019 New York State Broadcasters Association Awards

1st Place
  • Best Weathercast: 13WHAM News at 6PM – Scott Hetsko, Meteorologist
  • Best Use of a Digital Platform: 13WHAM News Facebook page

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    South Bend-Elkhart, IN – WSBT

    2020 Indiana Society Professional Journalists Awards


    • Education Coverage “Operation Ed-School Nurses”- Tolly Taylor & DeMarco Brown
    • Continuing Coverage “Severe Storms and Tornado”- Staff
    • General News “Vaping Dangers”- Katlin Conning & Joe Eufemi


    • General News “Crossing Concerns”- Katlin Connin & Ian Sindell
    • Best Newscast “Record Cold”- Staff

    2019 Associated Press Awards


    • Best Spot News Reporting: “Deadly Bus Accident” – WSBT Staff 
    • Best Station Photojournalism: WSBT Staff 
    • Best Sports Report: “Haitian Rose” – Darla Hernandez & Jade Birch
    • Best Producer: Lee Stevens


    • Best Newscast: “Historic Flooding” – WSBT Staff 
    • Best Continuous Coverage: “Deadly Bus Accident” – WSBT Staff 
    • Best Feature Videography: “Dispatcher Meets Caller” – Jade Birch 
    • Outstanding Weather Operation: WSBT Staff 
    • Best Sports Videography: “ND Defeats Northwestern” – Adam Derengowski 

    2018 Associated Press Awards


    • Best Newscast: “Niles Tornado” – WSBT Staff
    • Outstanding Weather Operation: WSBT Staff
    • Best Website
    • Best Station Photojournalism: WSBT Staff
    • Best Producer: Lee Stevens
    • Enterprise Reporting: ” Digital Dependence” – Katlin Connin, DeMarco Brown
    • Best Newscast: “Storm Damage & Emotions Exp” – WSBT Staff
    • Best Spot News Coverage: “Doctor Murdered” – WSBT Staff
    • Best General News: ” Targeting K2 Suppliers” – Hilary Powell, Jade Birch
    • Best News Series: “Get the Lead Out” – Danielle Kennedy, Jade Birch
    • Best Feature Videography: ” Concord Rube Goldberg” – Katlin Connin, DeMarco Brown
    • Outstanding News Operation: WSBT Staff

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    Las Vegas, NV – KSNV

    2021 Society of Professional Journalist Awards (Las Vegas Chapter)

    1st Place
    • Reporting Using Public Records “A Vegas Lost Special Investigation”- John Teanor & Maria Thompson

    2021 Regional Pacific Southwest Emmy Awards

    1st Place
    • Overall Excellence “Longing For A Year of Precedence In An Unprecedented Year”- Larry Strumwasser
    • Newscast – Evening – Larger Markets “They Came, They Saw, They Argued”- Stephanie Wheatley, Marie Mortera, Jeff Gillan, Gerard Ramalho, Norberto Arroyo, Reed Abplanalp-Cowan, Justin Michel, Kevin Janison, Tiffany Lane, Jairo Aguilar, Edward Greene, Maria Thompson, Shiree Woody, Latoya Silmon, Lauren Clark, Scott Kost, Jim Snyder, Kenny Ramis, Wade Parsons, & James Johnson III
    • Crime “Heroes of 1October”- Denise Rosch & Scott Kost
    • Historical/Cultural “Ghosts of Goodsprings”- Denise Rosch & Scott Kost
    • Politics/Government “Testing the USPS in Nevada ahead of the 2020 General Election”- Max Darrow, Scott Kost, Kenny Ramis, Marketia Bady, Robert Noble, & Ken Takahashi
    • Talent-Anchor “Reed Cowan Survived Covid and All He Got was a Lousy T-Shirt”- Reed Abplanalp-Cowan
    • Talent-Program Host/Moderator/Correspondent “Back When the Coronavirus was in the B Block”- Latoya Silmon

    2020 Regional Emmy Awards

    • News Special “Area 51 Invasion”- Gerard Ramalho, Scott Kost, Latoya Silmon, Justin Michel, Steve Wolford, Denise Rosch, Dree De Clamecy, Jeff Gillan, George Romero, Jordan Moir, Maria Thompson, Justin Monteith, Stephanie Wheatley, Wade Parsons, & Kenny Ramis
    • News-Historical/Cultural “Phantom Prisons”- Denise Rosch, Scott Kost & George Romero
    • On-Camera Talent- Reporting “Reed Reports- Again”- Reed Cowan

    2020 Vega Awards

    • News/Feature “Nevada’s Interstellar Connection”- Justin Michel & Steve Wolford

    2019 Regional Emmy Awards

    • News Special: “One October, One Year Later” – Stephanie Wheatley, Jim Snyder, Marie Mortera, Latoya Silmon, Kelsey Thomas, Denise Rosch, Kenny Ramis, Justin Monteith, Thuan Nguyen, Scott Kost
    • News – Religion – Single Story or Series: “2018 Olympics – Its All About the Reach” – Reed Cowan, Adrian Crooks
    • News – Politics/Government – Single Story or Series: “Politics and Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games” – Reed Cowan, Adrian Crooks
    • On-Camera Talent – Reporter: “Reed Cowan Pyeongchang NBC Winter Olympic Games” – Reed Cowan

    2019 ACLU

    • First Amendment Award: “Vegas Lost” – John Treanor

    2019 AVA Digital Award 


    • “The Car Tupac Shakur was Murdered in is up for Auction” – Justin Michel, Photojournalist 

    2019 Silver State Awards 

    • Best News Anchors: Jim Snyder, Marie Mortera, Reed Cowan, Kevin Janison, Amber Dixon, Kim Wagner & Dana Wagner

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      Florence/Myrtle Beach, SC – WPDE

      2021 RTDNAC Awards

      1st Place
      • Special Report “Moment of Hope”- Lis Cooper
      • General News by MMJ “Blig Flocking Uproar”- Nick Papantonis
      • Light Feature “Woven Friendship”- Nick Papantonis
      2nd Place
      • Best Newscast “Back to School”- Staff
      • Community Impact “Unsung Heroes”- Liz Cooper
      • Consumer “Mikeroworks”- Nick Papantonis
      • General News “Chef. Sheppard. Servant.”- Nick Papantonis
      • General News by MMJ “License to Work”- Simon Williams
      • Use of Social Media-WPDE

      2021 South Carolina Broadcasters Association Awards

      • TV Weathercaster of the Year- Ed Piotrowski
      • Convergence Coverage “Covid Data”- Staff
      • Best AM Newscast- Morning News Team
      • TV Local Programming “Florence: One Year Later”- Staff

      2020 RTDNAC Awards

      1st Place
      • Use of Social Media “WPDE Social Media”- Station
      • News Website “”- Station
      • TV News Anchor Team of the Year- Trey Paul & Summer Dashe
      • Health/Medicine “A Story from the Heart”- Summer Dashe
      • Light Feature “Wheel of Life”- Nick Papantonis
      • Sports Reporting “Archie Adams”- Nick Papantonis
      • Entertainment “Renegade Reborn”- Nick Papantonis
      2nd Place
      • News Special “Hurricane Florance: One Year Later”- Station

      2020 NATAS Southeast Awards

      • Team Coverage “Hurricane Dorian”- Victoria Spechko, Heather Gale, Michael Hutchinson, Emily Trampf, & Barry Wade
      • Commercial “Monarch Roofing”- Blake Blancett, Hunter Gehman, & Jason Ashmawi

      2020 Murrow Awards

      • Investigative Reporting “Recess is the Wrong Answer”- Nick Papantonis

      2019 South Carolina Broadcasters Association

      • Best Weathercaster: “Ed Piotrowski” – Ed Piotrowski
      • Best Convergence Coverage: “Hurricane Florence”
      • Best Use of Digital Platforms: “Compilation” – Elizabeth Thomas, Briana Rivas, & Heather Gale

      2019 Regional Murrow Awards

      1st Place

      • Excellence in Social Media: – Heather Gale & Briana Rivas

      2019 Associated Press Awards

      1st Place

      • General Assignment: “Student March on Washington” – Kara Duffy, Reporter
      • Editor: Wally Lurz 
      • Television Newscast: Evening/Night: “Parkland Strong” – WPEC Staff 

      2nd Place

      • Feature: Light News: “Climbing Gators” – Maxine Bentzel, Reporter & Wally Lurz, Editor  
      • General Assignment: “Passionate Chorus” – Maxine Bentzel, Reporter & Wally Lurz, Editor 
      • Breaking News: “Shooting at Stoneman Douglas” – WPEC Staff 
      • Continuing Coverage: “Battle at the Boarder” – Maria Tomasch, EP & Wally Lurz Editor 
      • Series/Franchise Reporting: “Impact Puerto Rico” Maria Tomasch, EP, Yaremi Farinas, Reporter & Chris Hinson, Photographer
      • Overall Station of the Year: Mike Pumo, General Manager 

      2019 South Carolina Broadcasters Awards

      • Honorary Life Member: Ed Piotrowski 

      2019 Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce

      • Citizen of the Year: Ed Piotrowski

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        Springfield, IL – WICS

        2020 Regional Murrow Awards

        • News Documentary “Project Illinois: Justice for Ta’Naja Special”

        2020 Mid-America EMMY Awards

        • News Special “Project Illinois: Justice for Ta’Naja”- Mike Truett, Kelsey Mullins, Ana Espinosa, Chris Losado, & Justin Carter

        2020 Illinois Associated Press Awards

        1st Place
        • Best Spot News “Death of Ta’Naja Barnes”- Ana Espinosa, Justin Carter & Grace Boehm
        • Best Series or Documentary “Project Illinois: Justic for Ta’Naja”- Ana Espinosa, William Hatfield and Kelsey Evans

        2019 Illinois Associated Press

        1st Place

        • Best Light Feature: “Saint’s Flight” – Dee Dee Gatton, Anchor 
        2nd Place 
        • Best TV Website: “” – AJ Bailey & Cody King, Digital 
        • Best Investigative Report: “Overtime Goldmine” – Rachel Droze, Reporter

        2017 Illinois Broadcasters Association Awards

        1st Place
        • Best Medium Market TV Weathercast – Cheryl Lemke
        2nd Place
        • Best Medium Market Sports Anchor: “Weekend” – David Coy
        • Best Medium Market Photographer: “Early Evening Shows” – Shawn Shanlee

        2016 Illinois Silver Dome Awards

        1st Place
        • Medium Market Local program, Series or Documentary: “Child Loss Series” – Stacey Skrysak
        • Medium Market TV: Best TV Photojournalism

        2016 Illinois Broadcaster Association Awards

        1st place
        • Best Local Program-Series or Documentary: “Child Loss” – Stacey Skrysak, Adam Theilken\
        Best TV Photojournalist
        • Shawn Shanle – Photojournalist

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        Kearney, NE – KHGI

        2021 Nebraska Broadcasters Association Awards

        • Best Use of Multimedia Journalism- Brian Gnuse
        • Best Use of Multimedia Journalism- Brian Gnuse

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