Florence/Myrtle Beach, SC – WPDE

2021 RTDNAC Awards

1st Place
  • Special Report “Moment of Hope”- Lis Cooper
  • General News by MMJ “Blig Flocking Uproar”- Nick Papantonis
  • Light Feature “Woven Friendship”- Nick Papantonis
2nd Place
  • Best Newscast “Back to School”- Staff
  • Community Impact “Unsung Heroes”- Liz Cooper
  • Consumer “Mikeroworks”- Nick Papantonis
  • General News “Chef. Sheppard. Servant.”- Nick Papantonis
  • General News by MMJ “License to Work”- Simon Williams
  • Use of Social Media-WPDE

2021 South Carolina Broadcasters Association Awards

  • TV Weathercaster of the Year- Ed Piotrowski
  • Convergence Coverage “Covid Data”- Staff
  • Best AM Newscast- Morning News Team
  • TV Local Programming “Florence: One Year Later”- Staff

2020 RTDNAC Awards

1st Place
  • Use of Social Media “WPDE Social Media”- Station
  • News Website “WPDE.com”- Station
  • TV News Anchor Team of the Year- Trey Paul & Summer Dashe
  • Health/Medicine “A Story from the Heart”- Summer Dashe
  • Light Feature “Wheel of Life”- Nick Papantonis
  • Sports Reporting “Archie Adams”- Nick Papantonis
  • Entertainment “Renegade Reborn”- Nick Papantonis
2nd Place
  • News Special “Hurricane Florance: One Year Later”- Station

2020 NATAS Southeast Awards

  • Team Coverage “Hurricane Dorian”- Victoria Spechko, Heather Gale, Michael Hutchinson, Emily Trampf, & Barry Wade
  • Commercial “Monarch Roofing”- Blake Blancett, Hunter Gehman, & Jason Ashmawi

2020 Murrow Awards

  • Investigative Reporting “Recess is the Wrong Answer”- Nick Papantonis

2019 South Carolina Broadcasters Association

  • Best Weathercaster: “Ed Piotrowski” – Ed Piotrowski
  • Best Convergence Coverage: “Hurricane Florence”
  • Best Use of Digital Platforms: “Compilation” – Elizabeth Thomas, Briana Rivas, & Heather Gale

2019 Regional Murrow Awards

1st Place

  • Excellence in Social Media: WPDE.com – Heather Gale & Briana Rivas

2019 Associated Press Awards

1st Place

  • General Assignment: “Student March on Washington” – Kara Duffy, Reporter
  • Editor: Wally Lurz 
  • Television Newscast: Evening/Night: “Parkland Strong” – WPEC Staff 

2nd Place

  • Feature: Light News: “Climbing Gators” – Maxine Bentzel, Reporter & Wally Lurz, Editor  
  • General Assignment: “Passionate Chorus” – Maxine Bentzel, Reporter & Wally Lurz, Editor 
  • Breaking News: “Shooting at Stoneman Douglas” – WPEC Staff 
  • Continuing Coverage: “Battle at the Boarder” – Maria Tomasch, EP & Wally Lurz Editor 
  • Series/Franchise Reporting: “Impact Puerto Rico” Maria Tomasch, EP, Yaremi Farinas, Reporter & Chris Hinson, Photographer
  • Overall Station of the Year: Mike Pumo, General Manager 

2019 South Carolina Broadcasters Awards

  • Honorary Life Member: Ed Piotrowski 

2019 Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Citizen of the Year: Ed Piotrowski