Portland, OR – KATU

2021 Emmy Awards

  • Morning Newscast “KATU News This Morning”- Alison Dorf, Danielle Frack,  Dan McCarthy, Anthony Balcorta, Evan Schreiber, Wesleigh Ogle, & Chase Amen
  • Crime – Short and Long Form Content “Eleven Seconds that Changed Portland”- Megan Trihey, Tim Hurtt, & Kellee Azar
  • NATAS NW Silver Circle “Anchor” -Steve Dunn

2020 Emmy Awards

  • Best Morning Show “KATU News at 6AM”- Danielle Frack & Larissa Castillo
  • Outstanding Community Outreach “Kind is Better Initiative”- Robert Truman 
  • Morning/Daytime News “KATU News This Morning”- Genevieve Reaume, Evan Bell, Larissa Castillo, Mary Loos, Anthony Balcorta, Danielle Frack, and Angelica Thornton Brian Wood

2019 Regional Emmy Awards

  • Best Team Coverage: “Hit and Run Near Portland State” – Megan Triehy, Erin Luttropp, Joe Hathaway
  • Best Breaking News: “Dueling Protests lead to Aggressive Police Response” – Lia Launtz, EP, Caroline Martin, Producer, Lynne Malone, Director, Ric Peavyhouse, Photographer, Wesleigh Ogle, Anchor & Tristan Fortsch, Digital Producer
  • Best Morning Newscast: “ICE Occupation Disrupted by Police” – Danielle Frack, Courtney Vesquez, Austin McCollum, Producers, Genevieve Reaume, Reporter & Aisha Woodburn, Director
  • Outstanding Community Outreach: “KATU: Kind is Better” – Robert Truman, General Manager 
  • Best Health/Science Story: “A Breast Cancer Story: The Journey to Feeling Whole Again” – Kellee Azar, Reporter & Eric Williams, Photographer

2019 RTDNA Regional Murrow Awards


  • Best Breaking News: KATU Staff