Quincy, IL – KHQA

2020 Iowa Broadcast News Association Awards

1st Place

  • Farm and Agribusiness “From the Ground Up”- Lynsey Whitaker 
2nd Place
  • Excellence in Reporting- Rajah Maples

3rd Place

  • Excellence In Reporting- Lynsey Whitaker
  • In-Depth Series “Understanding Anxiety”- Chad Douglas 
  • Public Affairs “Borders in Beardstown”- David Amelotti
  • Farm and Agribusiness “Tri-State Ag Struggles”- Lynsey Whitaker

2019 Iowa Broadcast News Association Awards

1st Place

  • Weather Coverage: Overall Weather Coverage – Josh Cozart
  • Excellence in Reporting: Overall reporting – Rajah Maples
  • Feature Story: “An Angle in Griggsville” – Michelle Wolf
  • Sports Coverage: “Hometown Hero: Matt Chance” – David Amelotti 

2nd Place

  • Excellence in Reporting: Overall Reporting – Lynsey Whitaker 
  • News Photography: “Conceal and Carry” – Marcus Espinoza & Mark Pierce
  • General Reporting: “A Tri-State Chip Making a Change” -Lynsey Whitaker 
  • Farm and Agriculture: “Farmers Feeling the Effects of Strong Storms” – Josh Cozart 

2017 Iowa News Broadcasters Awards

1st Place
  • Farm and Agribusiness Reporting: “This Week in Ag” – Abbey Jaymes
2nd Place
  • Excellence – Weather Coverage – Rich Cain, Tegan Orpet, Nick Stewart
  • Excellence – Reporting – Rajah Maples
  • General Reporting: “Conceal and Carry” – David Amelotti, Matt Rector
3rd Place
  • Feature Reporting: “POW’s in Hannibal” – David Amelotti, Matt Rector
  • Political Coverage: “2016 Campaign” – All Staff
  • Sports Coverage: “The Exchange” – Chris Duerr

2017 Illinois Broadcast Association Awards

1st Place
  • Best Spot News Coverage: “Emden Tornado” -Nick Stewart, Jenny Dreasler
2nd Place
  • Best TV Sports Story: “The Exchange” – Chris Duerr
  • Best Local Series/Documentary: “Shattering the Silence” – Chad Douglas
3rd Place
  • Best TV Reporter: “Emden Tornado” – Jenny Dreasler, Nick Stewart