Tulsa, OK – KTUL

2021 (RTDNA) Regional Murrow Awards

  •  Small Market Television Station: Breaking News Coverage “Tulsa’s Restless Weekend”- Staff
  • Small Market Television Station: Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion “Coronavirus Outbreak in Eddie Warrior”- Staff

2020 Regional Murrow Awards

  • Excellence in Writing “Maureen Wurtz 2019”- Maureen Wurtz
  • Feature Reporting “Never Different “- KTUL-TV

2019 Regional Murrow Awards

  • Best Writing: Maureen Wurtz 

2019 Society of Professional Journalists Awards

  • Best Investigation: Mareen Wurtz and Dre Dabars
  • Best Videography: Dre Dabars 
  • Best Criminal Justice Reporting: Maureen Wurz 
  • Special Program: Mason Waldvogel 
  • Best Newscast: Channel 8 Newsroom 
  • News Editing: Austin Bain 
  • Political Reporting: Burt Mummolo and Bryan Clemmer
  • Health Reporting: Maureen Wurtz and Dre Dabars
  • Spot News Reporting: Channel 8 Newsroom 
  • Best of the Best Reporting: Maureen Wurtz 
  • General News: Maureen Wurtz and Dre Dabars
  • Diversity Reporting: Angelica Brown 
  • Best Newscast: Channel 8 Newsroom