Las Vegas, NV – KSNV

2021 Society of Professional Journalist Awards (Las Vegas Chapter)

1st Place
  • Reporting Using Public Records “A Vegas Lost Special Investigation”- John Teanor & Maria Thompson

2021 Regional Pacific Southwest Emmy Awards

1st Place
  • Overall Excellence “Longing For A Year of Precedence In An Unprecedented Year”- Larry Strumwasser
  • Newscast – Evening – Larger Markets “They Came, They Saw, They Argued”- Stephanie Wheatley, Marie Mortera, Jeff Gillan, Gerard Ramalho, Norberto Arroyo, Reed Abplanalp-Cowan, Justin Michel, Kevin Janison, Tiffany Lane, Jairo Aguilar, Edward Greene, Maria Thompson, Shiree Woody, Latoya Silmon, Lauren Clark, Scott Kost, Jim Snyder, Kenny Ramis, Wade Parsons, & James Johnson III
  • Crime “Heroes of 1October”- Denise Rosch & Scott Kost
  • Historical/Cultural “Ghosts of Goodsprings”- Denise Rosch & Scott Kost
  • Politics/Government “Testing the USPS in Nevada ahead of the 2020 General Election”- Max Darrow, Scott Kost, Kenny Ramis, Marketia Bady, Robert Noble, & Ken Takahashi
  • Talent-Anchor “Reed Cowan Survived Covid and All He Got was a Lousy T-Shirt”- Reed Abplanalp-Cowan
  • Talent-Program Host/Moderator/Correspondent “Back When the Coronavirus was in the B Block”- Latoya Silmon

2020 Regional Emmy Awards

  • News Special “Area 51 Invasion”- Gerard Ramalho, Scott Kost, Latoya Silmon, Justin Michel, Steve Wolford, Denise Rosch, Dree De Clamecy, Jeff Gillan, George Romero, Jordan Moir, Maria Thompson, Justin Monteith, Stephanie Wheatley, Wade Parsons, & Kenny Ramis
  • News-Historical/Cultural “Phantom Prisons”- Denise Rosch, Scott Kost & George Romero
  • On-Camera Talent- Reporting “Reed Reports- Again”- Reed Cowan

2020 Vega Awards

  • News/Feature “Nevada’s Interstellar Connection”- Justin Michel & Steve Wolford

2019 Regional Emmy Awards

  • News Special: “One October, One Year Later” – Stephanie Wheatley, Jim Snyder, Marie Mortera, Latoya Silmon, Kelsey Thomas, Denise Rosch, Kenny Ramis, Justin Monteith, Thuan Nguyen, Scott Kost
  • News – Religion – Single Story or Series: “2018 Olympics – Its All About the Reach” – Reed Cowan, Adrian Crooks
  • News – Politics/Government – Single Story or Series: “Politics and Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games” – Reed Cowan, Adrian Crooks
  • On-Camera Talent – Reporter: “Reed Cowan Pyeongchang NBC Winter Olympic Games” – Reed Cowan

2019 ACLU

  • First Amendment Award: “Vegas Lost” – John Treanor

2019 AVA Digital Award 


  • “The Car Tupac Shakur was Murdered in is up for Auction” – Justin Michel, Photojournalist 

2019 Silver State Awards 

  • Best News Anchors: Jim Snyder, Marie Mortera, Reed Cowan, Kevin Janison, Amber Dixon, Kim Wagner & Dana Wagner